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India has not experienced quite as remarkable economic growth as China, but is still one of the most rapidly expanding economies on earth. With its very young population, the country is currently experiencing the highest population growth in the world. This trend is unlikely to weaken in the next few years. The reason for this is not the high birth rate – which is the world average at 20 births per 1000 residents – but a significantly increased life expectancy and a very young population, i.e. a large potential generation of parents.

Internal migration from the provinces to the urban conurbations leads to serious social problems because it is mostly uncontrolled. Many millions of people in this part of Asia live in wild slums without hygienic standards, medical care, education or employment opportunities. There are now over 270 million migrant workers in China, who make up more than a third of the workforce. In many countries in South and Southeast Asia, a significant proportion of the population still suffers from absolute poverty (less than US $ 1 a day) and chronic malnutrition. For more information about the continent of Asia, please check

Tabriz (Iran)

According to youremailverifier, Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan Province and the fourth largest city in Iran. It is located in the north-west of the country, 619 km from Tehran and 150 km from the border with Azerbaijan. Tabriz lies in a mountain valley at an altitude of 1340 m, 70 km north of… Read More »

Museums in Novosibirsk, Russia

According to relationshipsplus, there are many museums in Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk State Art Museum was established in 1957. The museum exhibits an extensive collection of paintings, drawings, icons, sculptures, arts and crafts and casting. The collections are based on art objects that were donated to the museum by the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the… Read More »

Sights of Nepal

The main attraction of the country is the mountains. Nepal hosts all or part of the eight highest peaks in the world, the famous Annapurna and Machapukchi massifs, as well as thousands of hiking trails, usually passing through the most picturesque places. Rafting on mountain rivers on rafts, kayaks or other watercraft is no less… Read More »

Sights of Azerbaijan

According to prozipcodes, Baku, the capital and largest city of the country, is located on the shores of the bay of the same name, located in the southern part of the Absheron Peninsula. The entire old part of the city is one vast historical and architectural reserve, sometimes called the “Baku Acropolis”. The main attractions… Read More »

Sri Lanka History and Religion

History. – It was already known to the ancients with the name of Ταπρονάνη (Taprob ă ne). In the Middle Ages, the first to report it in the West was Marco Polo, in chapters cl and clv of the Million. Later Ibn Baṭṭüṭah and Ludovico da Varthema spoke of the island. We know of the… Read More »

Holidays in Sri Lanka

Prior to 2010, a holiday in Sri Lanka for any foreigner was included in the category “at your own peril and risk”, due to the ongoing wars and the risk of terrorist attacks. But now the legendary Ceylon, as the island was called before independence, is waiting for guests for a variety of vacation formats… Read More »

Popular Destinations in South Korea

Seoul Where to relax in South Korea? Of course, in Seoul – the capital, trade and tourist center of the country. Tourists come here for shopping, entertainment and sightseeing. ANDYEDUCATION: Introduction to education system in South Korea, including compulsory schooling and higher education. Attractions Seoul is the capital of South Korea. Here, ancient temples alternate… Read More »

Philippines Attractions

Manila Located on the East Coast, Manila is the nation’s capital and hub. Intramuros, the old town, used to be completely surrounded by a massive city wall, which is still partially preserved despite the heavy fighting of the Second World War. Worth seeing are the San Agustin Church, the American Cemetery, Coconut Palace and the… Read More »

Sri Lanka Tourist Information

According to Thesciencetutor, Sri Lanka is a country with stunning nature and beaches where you want to completely relax and forget about everything. It is such a beach and relaxing holiday in Sri Lanka that made the country famous all over the world – this is really an amazing place for tourists! Although, of course,… Read More »

Philippines Geography

Morphology. – The Philippines are the result of recent orotectonic movements: hence the tormented aspect of the landscape, rich in mountainous areas, volcanic phenomena, with scarce flat areas, usually peripheral, the result of very recent sedimentations. The coasts are usually very indented, rich in peninsulas and inlets. Numerous volcanoes and frequent telluric phenomena, some of… Read More »