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Layang Layang and Malacca, Malaysia

Layang-Layang Layang Layang Atoll (Malay for “kite”) rises from the bottom almost 2 km 300 km northwest of Sabah ‘s capital Kota Kinabalu. On a small piece of land there is a chic dive resort, a Malaysian Navy base and a colony of migratory birds. The landscape of Layang-Layang Island is mainly composed of rich… Read More »

Malaysia 2012

Yearbook 2012 Malaysia. Malaysia’s most prominent opposition politician, Anwar Ibrahim, leader of the People’s Justice Party (PKR), was acquitted in January by a court in the capital Kuala Lumpur in a well-publicized, two-year trial in which Anwar was charged with committing homosexual acts, which is prohibited in Malaysia according to an old law from the… Read More »