Cities and Resorts in Maldives

By | February 10, 2023

The Maldives is a scattering of picturesque atolls in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Everything here is conducive to bliss: kilometers of secluded beaches, high-class hotels and very beautiful nature. All about the Maldives: diving and surfing, photos, prices, weather and tours.

The Maldives, the famous “residents” of the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean, are rightfully considered one of the best exotic destinations. There are 1190 islands (or rather, atolls) here, and all of them are like a selection: with blue lagoons, sandy beaches and unique vegetation. There is everything for rest: peace and quiet, beautiful nature, rich underwater world. And one more thing, without which any advantages of any resort immediately fade in the eyes of modern tourists – good hotels and a high level of service.

Prices, I must say, in the Maldives are also quite “at the level”: vacations here can be afforded mainly by travelers whose income level is defined by marketers as “above average”. Having paid a significant amount for the trip, the following categories of vacationers will be 100% satisfied with their vacation. Maniac divers who dive three times a day. This is the most trouble-free subtype of tourists: they will still be delighted, diving like ducklings from morning to night. Happy married (or out of it) couples who need no one but each other. They can pick up a hotel with the appropriate environment – there are plenty of those on the islands. And, of course, seekers of an absolutely relaxed holiday in the entourage of a tropical paradise.

Regions and resorts of the Maldives

The capital is Male, which occupies almost the entire territory of the island of the same name. Although this only sounds impressive: in fact, the area of ​​ one of the most compact and densely populated capitals in the world is only 5.8 square meters. km. Most tourists immediately leave for heavenly places, but in Male you can linger: look at Islamic shrines, catch a wave on the only beach, buy souvenirs on the street. Chaandani Magu.

The remaining islands of North Male Atoll have been turned into resorts or rented out to the lucky rich. The best local entertainment is diving: visibility in clear water reaches 50 m, and the beauties at the bottom are simply innumerable. South Male Atoll is popular with divers (marine reserves, caves and wrecks await both beginners and pros) and surfers (from March to September, Kanduma has excellent waves).

The most common way to spend time in the Maldives is diving, since there are coral reefs near each island.

Baa and Raa atolls are famous for their secluded atmosphere and incredible landscapes: Baa is even included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves along with Niagara Falls, the Amazon forests and other natural wonders of the planet. Delicious watermelons are grown on Ari Atoll, and the most original jewelry made from pearls and corals is made on Laviani.

See the full list of all the paradises in the country on the page ” cities and resorts of the Maldives “, and about the best time to go and what to do locally, see the page here.

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Visa and customs

Citizens of Russia and the CIS do not need a visa to the Maldives. But it is still worthwhile to issue a health insurance policy for the entire duration of the trip. Read all the details about PCR testing, an antigen test or obtaining a vaccination certificate to enter the country on this page.

Import and export of foreign currency is not limited. All baggage goes through a rigorous customs inspection. Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes and 125 ml of perfumes, as well as personal consumption goods “within reason”, that is, no more than one item per person, is allowed. Goods whose value exceeds 200 USD are subject to mandatory declaration. The prices on the page are for October 2021.

Since May 2011, the import of alcohol (even bought in duty-free shops) has been strictly prohibited in the Maldives. Moreover, if earlier tourists were given the opportunity to hand over all alcoholic products for storage at the airport, now the shop has been closed, and alcohol is being taken to the bone.

It is strictly forbidden to carry alcoholic beverages (even those bought in duty free), salami sausage, pork and products from it, weapons for spearfishing, pornography and drugs. The import of pets requires a special permit, dogs are not allowed to enter. It is forbidden to export pearl oyster shells, black coral, sea turtle shell and products from them (except for souvenirs made by officially certified government manufacturers), as well as items found at the bottom of the sea.

There is no Tax free system in the Maldives.

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History and legend

According to legend, once life in the Maldives was not at all as cloudless as glossy catalogs inspire us. The sea genie Rannamaari, to the misfortune of the local residents, settled in their territorial waters, demanded regular human sacrifices every full moon, and only in the form of virgins from the island of Male. The poor fellow was taken to a certain temple, and the next morning they were found dead.

But not everything is a carnival for the cat: once a traveler from the distant Maghreb, Abdul-Barakat ul-Barbari, arrived on the atoll. The stranger took pity on the girls (whom his compatriots apparently did not care about) and on the full moon he himself sat down in the temple in the place of the sacrifice. All night he read the Koran, and in the morning it turned out that the genie had fled, unable to withstand the power of the holy book. So the women were saved, and the Maldivians converted to Islam to celebrate – so now there are mosques everywhere, a ban on the import of alcohol and no topless (presumably, they are afraid that the genie would not return). However, this did not affect the amazing nature of the archipelago – and hence its attractiveness for tourists.


The climate of the Maldives is warm and humid. Air temperature during the day is about +30 °C, at night +26 °C, water +26 °C. Due to its proximity to the equator, seasonal changes associated with the monsoons are almost imperceptible. During the southwest monsoon (May to October) it rains more often and the weather is more windy. The northeast monsoon season (November to February) is considered less humid. See for weather information.

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