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Sri Lanka History and Religion

History. – It was already known to the ancients with the name of Ταπρονάνη (Taprob ă ne). In the Middle Ages, the first to report it in the West was Marco Polo, in chapters cl and clv of the Million. Later Ibn Baṭṭüṭah and Ludovico da Varthema spoke of the island. We know of the… Read More »

Holidays in Sri Lanka

Prior to 2010, a holiday in Sri Lanka for any foreigner was included in the category “at your own peril and risk”, due to the ongoing wars and the risk of terrorist attacks. But now the legendary Ceylon, as the island was called before independence, is waiting for guests for a variety of vacation formats… Read More »

Sri Lanka Tourist Information

According to Thesciencetutor, Sri Lanka is a country with stunning nature and beaches where you want to completely relax and forget about everything. It is such a beach and relaxing holiday in Sri Lanka that made the country famous all over the world – this is really an amazing place for tourists! Although, of course,… Read More »

Sri Lanka 2012

Yearbook 2012 Sri Lanka. In January, the government ordered 161 foreign Muslim preachers belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat movement to be expelled from the country. The reason stated was that they had traveled into the country on tourist visas and then preached in mosques, which is not allowed if you only have tourist visas. A… Read More »