Krabi’s most popular and best pastimes

By | April 16, 2021

Thailand is a true paradise for the enthusiast, and there you can do things at an affordable price or completely free of charge that you can only dream of elsewhere. Diving, rock climbing, cruises and boat tours around the islands, kayaking and fishing are some of the things Krabi has to offer.

Krabi's most popular and best pastimes

Organized excursions and packages

Krabi can do a variety of things on its own or on its own, but it is easy and in many cases also advisable to take part in an organized trip, study diving or climbing with the help of an instructor, go on guided kayak tours or take part in an organized fishing trip.

There are various travel agencies, equipment rental companies and the like in the city of Krabi and Ao Nang, for example, in the darkest clouds. Prices are usually reasonable and are also exactly the same style in all places. Through tour operators, hotels and other similar entities, everything usually becomes more expensive, as service fees and the like can be added to the price.

Diving and Snorkeling

Ao Nang or Krabi Town

Diving and Snorkeling are things that you can’t really do on your own in Thailand, and even an experienced diver can rent equipment and possibly arrange a boat trip to the waters where it’s good to dive or snorkel with the help of a local diving expert. Snorkelling is easy, and in the shallow waters you can see a lot of the colorful underwater life in the area. Visibility is good, and the diving season is in the winter, from November to April, but during the monsoon season, the waters are cloudy and conditions are difficult.

Ao Nang is perhaps the best place for those who like to dive . There are a huge number of different rental companies that also provide tuition, and they can take you to about 15 islands that are nearby, or further afield for shipwrecked ships and beyond. The islands are the best place to dive, and two dives cost 3,000 to 3,500 baht. There are also evening diving trips, which are more expensive, and “Snorkeling trips” to go to the islands, snorkel and swim. All such pastimes are very good during the hot and humid travel season, as the water and the seas are somewhat cooler and the breeze is good. One of the most diverse dive sites in Ao Nang is Kon Tiki .

Other rental companies that specialize in diving, which are also taught, include Diving Krabi and The Dive , which are also in Ao Nang.

Also Railay can go diving , but then let’s at around the same as just fifteen minutes walk from the Ao Nang.


Ao Nang is the best place for those who like to dive, but just a quarter of a mile away, Railay is the best place for rock climbing, known in English as “Rock Climbing”. Railay has about 1,000 climbing routes in more than 50 areas and is able to offer something for everyone from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.

Railay is known as one of the best climbing spots in the world, and there you will see a wide variety of climbers here and there. Even if you don’t want to climb ropes with difficult routes, there can be brave ones climb up to a lookout point near Railay East beach where, however, there are their own risks. In the same place is also Sa Phra Nang, or Princess Pond, which is an amazing lagoon. If a climber climbs a steep wall to the right, you will come across a lagoon but if you leave to the left, you will soon arrive at the vantage point.

Railay is such a versatile climbing spot that you can spend the whole winter there and still do something different every day. The easily accessible rock wall is the Muay Thai Wall next to Railay East Beach. A little further on is the One, Two Three Wall, which offers dozens of different routes.

In addition to Railay, climbing is possible on the nearby islands and elsewhere, and if you want to mainly climb during your trip to Thailand, you should also stay at Railay. Area climbing opportunities and climbing courses will tell you more

The half-day climbing course costs about 1,000 baht and just under 2,000 baht all day. If you want your own teacher, 3,000 baht is the normal amount for half a day and just under 5,000 baht for the whole day. Experienced climbers can rent ropes and equipment, and two people can be fully equipped for the whole day at 1000-1500 baht. The normal climbing set is a 60 meter long rope, body protectors and two pairs of climbing shoes. Those who come here specifically to climb should bring their own gear.

Railay has good climbing schools and rental companies such as Basecamp Tonsai , King Climbers and Hot Rock . A place that specializes in teaching is Krabi Rock Climbing .

General information on rock climbing in Krabi can be obtained from Your Krabi.

Cruises and boat trips

Various cruises and boat trips are extremely common in Krabi, and almost everyone who travels there leaves the waters at least once but most often many times during their vacation. The most essential excursion is to Railay , which can be reached most easily from Ao Nang, almost as easily from Noppharat Thara and the more expensive and slower city of Krabi. However, this is not an actual boat trip, as in the eyes of those in the boat there is only a paradise Railay, so if you want to see the so-called The islands and clear waters of the Andaman Sea, you should take part in a cruise or go on a half-day or day-long cruise.

Various boat trips are most easily arranged on site at Krabi Town and Ao Nang. Various boats take you to many places from Noppharat Thara harbor, and it is also possible to make cruises and boat trips from Railay. Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara are the best areas for accommodation for those who like to tour the islands, for example, as the city of Krabi first has to move elsewhere by car and it takes time.

There are so many different options that it can be difficult to choose from, but cruises and tours touring islands or visiting one or a few islands are common. Speedboats with multiple passengers are the best and fastest for trips to the islands so that no time is wasted on moving from one island to another. Many boat trips also include diving, snorkeling or other activities.

Various cruises or functional boat trips can be easily viewed at travel agencies in Ao Nang or Krabi, for example, and at the numerous stalls that are here and there. Prices for trips of the same style vary little from place to place, and various options can be viewed in advance on TripAdvisor.

Information on the best islands near Krabi can be found at Krabi Hotels.

Kayaking in a kayak

Cruises and boat trips

As with many other pastimes, Ao Nang also excels as a place to go kayaking. Many companies organize tours to visit the rivers and other waters of the Krabi region or to head to the islands. You can go kayaking by speedboat, which is the most expensive solution but also the best for those who do not want to waste time moving from one place to another.

Popular for rowing are the Ko Hong lagoons where you can see special birds, and the second place to go rowing is Ao Tha Len , and the third quite startling place is Ban Bho Tho , where you can explore a couple of three thousand year old murals in addition to rowing. Rowing trips, which typically range from 1,000 to 2,500 baht per day, also include lunch, drinking water, a kayak and guides.

A rowing tour is easy to arrange on site at travel agencies and stalls, and there is plenty to choose from, especially in Krabi Town and Ao Nang. More information about rowing can be found at Your Krabi.


Fishing is something that many go to Thailand and neighboring countries to do, even for the whole winter, and it is also possible in Krabi. There are many different fishing trips , but some fishing trips , especially those promoting large gears, have been disappointing for many. If you like fishing, it is best to arrange an excursion from a travel agency or other local operator. Information on fishing trips and other fishing-related information can be found at Krabitrek and Thai Fishing .