The 10 most expensive travel destinations in the world

By | June 18, 2021

Vacation – the most beautiful time of the year for almost everyone, but also the most difficult for the wallet. Especially with these ten most expensive travel destinations in the world:

10th – London

Teatime, Queen and Big Ben. These three key points alone promise above all: An upscale class. Hotel beds start at € 129 a night, and some spending money should also be available for extensive shopping, but at least the flight prices to London are still limited.

9th place – Washington

Who has never dreamed of spending the night in the city where the most powerful man in the world switches and controls? Even in hotels that correspond less to the standard of the White House, you pay a small fortune – from about 135 euros a night.

8th place – Venice

The prices in the city of love are not loving, but Venice must be seen. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy the flair from the gondola or a nice café – your wallet should be ready to make 139 euros loose for the night and even a cappuccino for 10 euros will by no means stand out from the crowd.

7th place – Boston

If you want to enjoy the impressive skyline of the capital of Massachusetts and sniff a lot of museum air, you have to dig deep into your pocket as you would on a trip to Venice. Here, too, the overnight stays cost from around EUR 139.

6th place – Moscow

If you want to marvel at onion towers and try real Russian vodka in your country of origin, you can do this from around 150 euros a night. Admission prices such as those for the Bolshoi Theater are also noteworthy.

5th – New York

In the Big Apple, everything is a sight. There are things to discover on every corner, each skyscraper seems to be bigger than the other. And the prices also seem gigantic. You can spend the night in New York from € 153, but there are additional sums for shopping, entrance fees and transportation costs.

4th place – Geneva

Not that far away, but certainly not cheaper! The Switzerland has just style – Whether cheese fondue in a mountain hut in the scenic countryside, or buying a new pocket knife, you should have good stuff in their travel budget, because nights can be found here until around 170 euros!

3rd place – Monte Carlo

The night here costs an unbelievable 185 euros and prices for tour of the race track are not yet included! We can only hope that you can improve your travel budget in one of the numerous casinos!

2nd place – Doha

‘Where’s that supposed to be?’, Most people probably ask and suspect, but yes, it will be expensive here too. Doha is a small island in the Arab Emirate of Qatar and the night here costs an impressive 190 euros!

Place 1 – Capri

At the top of our list of the ten most expensive holiday destinations in the world is the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples, where overnight stays start at an incredible 247 euros. You just have to see the landscape – but best on a day tour from Naples.

Capri in the Gulf of Naples