Popular Destinations in South Korea

By | May 13, 2022


Where to relax in South Korea? Of course, in Seoul – the capital, trade and tourist center of the country. Tourists come here for shopping, entertainment and sightseeing.

  • ANDYEDUCATION: Introduction to education system in South Korea, including compulsory schooling and higher education.


Seoul is the capital of South Korea. Here, ancient temples alternate with business centers, and cultural and historical relics surround high-rise residential buildings.

According to legend, Joseon Lee Song (the founder of the dynasty) was looking for a place to build a residence for a long time. As a result, he listened to the words of one of the local plowmen, after which Gyeongbokgung Palace appeared in the north of Seoul. Its main buildings are the Gyeonghweru Pavilion and Geunjeongjeon Hall.

Gyeonghigun is an important historical building, which was an additional “shelter” for the ruler in case of surprises. Today, there is a historical museum inside.

You should definitely visit the unique Changdeokgung and the Changnyeong Palace complex with the Queen’s Pavilion and the Botanical Garden, as well as the local Deoksugung Palace.

The buildings of Seoul not only look grandiose, but also have an interesting history. Try to visit one of the observation decks of local skyscrapers and test yourself. One of the most famous high-rise buildings in the capital is the Yuksam Building, equipped with an elevator that rises at a speed of 54 meters per second. The Seoul TV Tower offers a beautiful view of the city.

It is worth visiting the Buddhist temples, especially Chogesa. Incredibly beautiful is the ancient Confucian Cathedral Jongmyo, built in honor of the Joseon Dynasty.

Be sure to visit the War Memorial of the Republic of Korea, as well as the National Museum of Korea, which has a collection of 220,000 exhibits.

The folklore village is an hour’s drive from the country’s capital. It is made up of houses typical of various provinces in South Korea. Street folk dances, kite-flying competitions and traditional sports, “weddings” and “funerals” are not uncommon here.

If you are looking for entertainment, be sure to visit the indoor entertainment complex Lotte World or Everland Park in the suburbs of Seoul. Also noteworthy is the local oceanarium, which is liked by both children and adults.


Algujon. This is the name of the shopping area, famous for its main street – Rodeo, where the most exclusive, expensive and fashionable stores of famous world brands are located. It sells designer clothes and luxury jewelry. Also in this area is the Galleria department store, beauty salons, cinemas, Asian restaurants;

Myeongdong. This is a shopping district in the center of Seoul. On its main street, there are fashionable shops of famous brands, where you can buy shoes and clothes, jewelry and accessories. There are also large shopping centers here: the Migliore complex and the Shinsegae department store. Sometimes you come across restaurants of Korean and European cuisines;

Insadong. This shopping district in Seoul is home to souvenir shops and antique shops, bookstores and art galleries, such as Gan and Hakgoje. The Hwanghak-dong flea market is also located here;

Itaewon. This is the name of the modern shopping area, where most of the sellers speak English. Here you can find various bars and restaurants, and many signs are written in English for the convenience of travelers;

Cheongdam-dong. This is a shopping area that has brought together the most elite European shops and boutiques, “Beverly Hills Seoul”. The cost of goods here is high, as is the likelihood of acquiring exclusive and unique items.


Jeju is one of the best beach resorts in the country. The island has a lot of entertainment and good conditions for families with children. If you are interested in beaches in South Korea, then you should definitely go here.


Jeju-do is a beach paradise in South Korea, the “island of three abundances”, located in the strait between the Japan and the Yellow Seas. If you are looking for where to relax in South Korea, the first thing you should pay attention to is Jeju.

The island is of volcanic origin. It contains volcanic rock reliefs formed by solidified lava flows. Bizarre sculptures and grottoes, waterfalls and lakes – all this diversifies a beach holiday in South Korea.

Here, shining coral sand is replaced by dark-colored volcanic sand, and the entrance to the water can be steep and steep in some places, shallow and gentle in others.

For tourists with children, the southeastern territory of the island is ideal. The sea is calmest in the Pyoson beach area. For lovers of outdoor activities and entertainment, there is the Chungmun resort, as well as the Haepche hotel zone with diving centers and rental equipment for snorkeling and windsurfing.


Jeju Island attracts tourists with sculptures made of solidified lava, similar to miniature sculptures from Easter Island. The island has a folklore village, rows of volcanic grottoes, as well as the main attraction – Mount Hallasan with a height of 1950 meters. At its top is an extinct volcano and Lake Bannoktam.

Other attractions include Gwandoken Pavilion in Central Gojeju, Hallasan National Park, Hallim Park, Mok Sok Won Garden, Yomiji Botanical Garden, Iho Beach Area, Sanbangulsa Rock Temple, Jeonbang Waterfall, Andok Valley Scenic Area, Manjangul Cave, and the beautiful Yonduam rock.

Nearby is Udo Island, famous for its “eight landscapes” and a coral beach.