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Romania Flora and Fauna

Vegetation and flora. – The vegetation of Romania has characteristics due to the continental climate: the large temperature fluctuations between winter and summer, the abundance of spring and summer rains, the autumn drought determine a general trend towards the development of steppe vegetation, which occurs especially in Dobruja, in Moldavia, in eastern Wallachia. Three regions… Read More »

Romania History

People’s democracy and communist rule (1945 / 47–89) Left alone by the Western powers (Churchill-Stalin Agreement, Moscow October 9, 1944), there was a rapid transformation into a “people’s democracy”; on March 6, 1945 Michael was forced to set up a coalition government of the “National Democratic Front” under P. Groza (1945–52), in which the Communist… Read More »

Romania 2012

Yearbook 2012 Romania. The year was filled with conflict, both politically and economically. The government experienced a setback in the EU when nine member states in January decided that their labor markets would be completely or partially closed to Romanians for another two years. Then came home demonstrations demanding the resignation of the government and… Read More »