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Philippines Attractions

Manila Located on the East Coast, Manila is the nation’s capital and hub. Intramuros, the old town, used to be completely surrounded by a massive city wall, which is still partially preserved despite the heavy fighting of the Second World War. Worth seeing are the San Agustin Church, the American Cemetery, Coconut Palace and the… Read More »

Philippines Geography

Morphology. – The Philippines are the result of recent orotectonic movements: hence the tormented aspect of the landscape, rich in mountainous areas, volcanic phenomena, with scarce flat areas, usually peripheral, the result of very recent sedimentations. The coasts are usually very indented, rich in peninsulas and inlets. Numerous volcanoes and frequent telluric phenomena, some of… Read More »

Philippines 2012

Yearbook 2012 Philippines. At the beginning of the year, the Senate initiated a civil trial against the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court, Renato Corona, who was suspected of corruption and of trying to prevent a lawsuit against former President Gloria Arroyo. After a dramatic televised trial, Corona was found guilty of corruption – he… Read More »