Formentera Attractions and Tourist

By | March 27, 2021

Attractions at Formentera

Of course, the beaches and nature are the main attraction at Formentera. This is like in the Caribbean, just even more beautiful surroundings and nature. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing else to see. Here is a small selection!

Lighthouse La Mola

To the east of Formentera is the lighthouse La Mola, known from the movie ‘Sex and Lucia’. The lighthouse, which is airy 147 meters above sea level, is not in itself very impressive. Do you think this is like the Eiffel Tower you are wrong. But the area around the tower with vertical rocks gives a strong tickling in the stomach and causes the photo fingers to itch.

A little west of the lighthouse, La Mola offers a fantastic viewpoint. Here you get a full view of virtually all of Formentera. At the best vantage point there is also a restaurant where naturally enough the tables are quickly reserved. If you are going to have a romantic dinner during your holiday, this is clearly the tourist trap you should choose.

Lighthouse Barbaria Cape

If you travel from the La Mola Lighthouse to the opposite end of Formentera, that is to the south-east, you will see the lighthouse at Barbaria Cape. Many claim this is the most beautiful thing you can see on Formentera, especially if you come here at sunset.

The cave in Cave Barbaria

Just off the lighthouse on Barbaria Cape you will find a “hole” that reveals the “world” to you. There is a ladder that takes you down the cave and you can snap great bragging pictures for social media.

The defense towers at Formentera

Along the coastline of Formentera you will find five defense towers built in the 18th century to protect the island from pirates. The towers were part of the communication system on the island. During the day they communicated with the help of the smoke, while fire was used in the evening / night. The towers were developed to become active defense towers as Ibiza grew, although only the tower at Cap de Barbaria received cannons.

The five defense towers at Formentera are Torre de sa Guardiola on the island of Espalmador, Torre de sa Punta Prima, Torre de la Gavina (west of Formentera), Torre des Garroveret at Cap de Barbaria and Torre des Pi des Català.

Roman ruins at Can Pins

There are historical traces from Roman times at Formentera. Castellum Can Blai or Castullm of Can Pin is the most important find on Formentera and dates back to the year 300 AD The ruin is almost 10 kilometers from Savina (towards Pilar), near the Es Caló area.

The ruin was once a square building with five towers, one in each corner and one that guarded the entrance. The location is on the highest part of the area, about 10 meters above sea level, so you had an overview of the coast both north and south.

Tourist at Formentera

Formentera Attractions

If the Caribbean is in Europe, it must be on Formentera. You do not come here primarily for culture and sights. The main attraction is the nature and the beaches. Yes, especially the beautiful beaches.

The atmosphere at Formentera is relaxed and exclusive. Despite some hippies living and “working” here, and scooter-driven youngsters without a platinum card on their inner pockets, most tourists wear expensive branded clothing that is certainly shopped elsewhere than in the local hippie market. It probably encounters more money-rich tourists here than at most other resorts.

Formentera still has vibes from the 1960s and 1970s. Here Joni Michell came and wrote the album Blue. And the island was the home of Pink Floyd for months in a row. Formentera is simply the place where you “relax” and nourish the soul. It is not without reason that the supermodels still escape here to Formentera when Ibiza gets too busy.

Discover Formentera on your own

Formentera has cycle paths along all roads, and the biggest tourist industry appears to be the rental of bicycles, scooters and quad bikes. However, in strong competition with ferry traffic to and from Ibiza.

It is exciting to cycle on exploration around the island and discover your very own “secret” places. In fact, at Formentera you can still find deserted areas that you can have completely for yourself. Whether there are vantage points or small beaches hidden away behind sharp cliffs.

Puerto de la Savina on Formentera

The administrative seat of Formentera is the city of Puerto de la Savina. This is also where the ferry port is located. From here the boats go to and from Ibiza and the other Balearic islands. In La Savina you will find what you need from shops and restaurants. But forget about everything called shopping malls and party streets. Of course, there are some bars in Puerto de la Savina, but we think most of the tourists who travel to Formentera prefer to frequent the beach bars and hotels’ settlements.

There are several apartment hotels and hostels in and near Puerto de la Savina and many prefer to stay here and take the short trip to Parque Natural or the fantastic Playa de Illetas. This nature reserve offers unique flora and fauna and a fantastic beach with a wonderful bathing water.

Playa de Illetas is about 10 minutes’ drive from Puerto de la Savina. Rent a bike, moped or take a taxi!

Beautiful Playa de Es Pujols

The largest beach and probably the most popular on Formentera is Playa de Es Pujols. It offers fine-grained white sand and the clearest bathing water you can imagine.

Great beach bars and beach restaurants serve full meals, from simple salads to 5-course dinners. The prices are not low at all, but like I said, you probably won’t travel to Formentera to spend a budget holiday.