Florence Attractions and Tourist

By | March 27, 2021

Attractions in Florence

Few places in the world, there are so many sights and attractions in such a restricted area as in Florence. And here are not just the usual museums. No, here are probably the best in the world. And some of the most beautiful parks, most famous statues and much more.

Uffizi Gallery
At Uffizi you will find works by many great artists, such as Rubens, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. You can avoid queuing by booking tickets in advance. Call 39-055-294-883 and reserve tickets. Uffizi is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 p.m. 0830 hrs. 1650. The museum closes early on Sundays and closes Mondays.

Zoological Museum
The La Specola Zoological Museum contains most of the animals. You will find stuffed animals, skeletons and wax models. The Zoological Museum is just off the Pitti Palace at Piazza San Marco.

Archaeological Museum
This museum has a large Etruscan collection. The history of the Etruscans is strongly mythic and there are many remains after them in Tuscany. You will see terracotta collections, marble and bronze sculptures. There is also an interesting Egyptian collection.

The dome (Duomo)
Santa Maria del Fiore and Duomo are the pride of all Florence. This Gothic cathedral was begun in 1296 and completed by Brunelleschi in 1436. The cathedral is world famous and the fourth largest cathedral in the world.

The bell tower
The bell tower in the same place as the Dome was designed by Giotto in 1334. There are great views from the 82 meter high tower, where it stands in its white, red and green splendor.

Basilica di San Lorenzo
This 15th-century church has interiors made by both Brunelleschi and Michelangelo.

Basilica of Santa Croce

Santa Croce Church has several masterpieces, including Giotto’s frescoes. Brunelleschi has designed the church chapel. Several famous people are buried at the Basilica of Santa Croce, among others Alfieri. His tombstone is otherwise made by Canova. The church was started as early as the latter half of the 12th century. Outside you will find a large stately statue of Dante himself!

Santa Maria Novella
This church was built in the 13th century in Gothic-Roman style. It is clad with green and white marble. Inside the church there are many beautiful works of art.

The Historical Science Museum
Here you will find a collection of scientific instruments from the 13th century, including the collection of Galileo Galilei. You can see night clocks, compasses, microscopes and lots of other things.

National Museum Bargello
This museum dates from the 13th century. Here you will find beautiful sculptures from the Tuscany region, including “Brutus” by Michelangelo and “David” by Donatello.

The statue of David
This world-renowned statue, created by Michelangelo, is located in the Galleria dell’Accademia. There are several David statues, but none like this one. It is as if Michelangelo has created feelings in marble.

Casa Buonarroti
Casa Buonarroti is a palace that was renovated in the 17th century by Michelangelo Buonarroti as an honor to the more famous Michelangelo. You will also find a collection of Michelangelo’s earliest masterpieces inside the palace.

Palazzo Pitti
Florence was previously a center for the banking industry. This palace was built for the banker Luca Pitti in the middle of the 14th century. After Pitti’s bankruptcy, the palace was taken over by the Medici family. Medici collected on Baroque and Renaissance art. Palazzo Pitti has an impressive collection. You will also find a silver museum, a costume museum and a museum of modern art here.

Boboli Park
Boboli Park is close to Palazzo Pitti. The Medici family is also behind this beautiful park. Here you can see beautiful statues, amphitheater and an elaborate garden system. Many consider this park to be one of the finest in all of Italy. It costs money to get in.

Ponte Vecchio
The oldest bridge in Florence is called Ponte Vecchio. Work on making the bridge began in the 1000s. In 1345, the bridge was rebuilt in stone. At the bridge you will find gold and silversmiths, jewelers and the like. The bridge is very special and maybe a little romantic?

Galleria dell’Accademia
One of Florence’s most popular museums is the Galleria dell’Accademia. The museum was created in 1784 and has a collection of paintings from all schools. You will also find famous sculptures here. In the museum you can see Michelangelo’s “David”.

Tourist in Florence

We recommend that you start by getting to know Florence. The city center is small and well-organized, and you quickly become familiar with the area. But there is so much to see in Florence that you can come back year after year.

Day 1 in Florence

Florence Attractions 2

Start in the early morning by visiting Florence’s markets and feel the atmosphere. Not only is it exciting to see if you can find something very special to buy, but also life is an attraction in itself. The market in San Lorenzo is known for all kinds of delicacies. At Piazza dei Cimpi you will find a market called Mercato delle Pulci, which offers antiques. In via dei Rondinelli 25 you will find Bojola, a market where craftsmen offer leather goods such as wallets, bags, suitcases and similar good quality products.

Then go to Piazza del Duomo, which is centrally located in the historic center. This square, located at Dante’s birthplace, oozes magnificent art and architecture. Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the Dome are natural main attractions that must be seen and experienced. From the bell tower you get a magnificent view of Florence. Right at the Dome you will find the Gothic church Orsanmichele. Notice all the sculptures that decorate the building.

When you feel time is approaching lunch, we recommend strolling to the Santa Croce area. The place where the Santa Croce Church is located has been a natural gathering place for people in Florence for hundreds of years. In the smaller alleys of the area you will find several nice eateries. Also try an ice cream bar (gelateria). Making ice cream is something the Italians can, and that they know to appreciate. Better ice is not found in the whole world.

End the day with a walk to Ponte Vecchio. This is the oldest of six bridges that cross the mighty river Arno, which divides Florence. Ponte Vecchio is a very special bridge, which you must take into account. Also the street life in and around this bridge is worth experiencing.

Day 2 in Florence

Florence Attractions

You cannot have visited Florence without having been to the Uffizi Museum, one of the world’s best art museums. Be sure to bring “ Nascita di Venere ” by Botticelli and “ il Duca e la Duchessa di Urbino ” by Piero della Francesca.

Trip to Fiesole or Boboli Park

Once in Tuscany, you must also see the olive groves and the beautiful countryside. We suggest a trip to the neighboring town of Fiesole. You can take a bus from the Sant Maria Novella area to Fiesole. There are several places where you get a panoramic view.

Also make sure you have lunch in the cozy restaurant Ristorante La Reggia degli on Via San Francesco 18 street.

An alternative to visiting Fiesole could be a trip to Boboli Park south of the Arno River. This park, which was built by the powerful Medici family, is considered among the most beautiful in all of Italy.

When you return in the evening, we recommend going back to Piazza della Signoria, which has been the political center of Florence since the 1300s. Here you will see the Neptune Fountain and a replica of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the statue of David. The area you are in now has several affordable restaurants and it is an excellent choice to have a dinner here.

NB! If you have time, please visit the Galleria dell ‘Accademia. There you will find the original David. But it’s on the other side of town!