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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in England Part II

Tower of London (1988) The complex of several buildings was built along the Thames in the Middle Ages. The tower was used as a fortress, armory and dungeon, and some kings lived here for a while. The Tower now houses the British Crown Jewels and was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites… Read More »

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in England Part I

Durham Castle and Cathedral (1986) The castle and cathedral complex is located on a rock by the river Wear. Durham Castle was built in 1071/1072 on the burial church of the preacher Cuthberts, which was demolished by the Normans. The cathedral, built between 1093 and 1140 – is in the Norman style and was added… Read More »

United Kingdom 2012

Yearbook 2012 UK. The issue of Britain’s relations with the EU created tensions within the government coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats. Prime Minister David Cameron’s veto of EU plans for a fiscal pact at the end of 2011 and increasingly loud opposition to EU membership from parts of the Conservative Party… Read More »