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By | September 23, 2021

The country’s slogan – the United States is the country of opportunity – keeps its promise! Take time to experience its amazing diversity. The United States is so much more than just hamburger chains, cars and skyscrapers. Whether you want to see a big city with culture and shopping or make a road trip through beautiful national parks, you will have many richer experiences.

On this page you will find practical information and facts about the United States.


Climate and best travel time
In the United States, almost all climates are represented. If you want to travel throughout the USA, September and October are best suited as it is normally pleasant weather throughout the country. Autumn in the northern United States is called “Indian Summer”. It is a hot and dry time when the leaves on the trees change color and create a fantastic play of colors. There are large regional differences in the climate but you can use the following as a guide for best travel time.┬áVisit for United States – a diverse tourist destination.

NOTE! Florida can be hit by hurricanes between July and November.

Our recommendations on when it is best to travel in the US are based on how the climate has been last year. The weather in the USA can be very variable and unpredictable and therefore our recommendations should only be seen as a clue.

  • The Northeast and Midwest are recommended from May to November.
  • The southern states are recommended from April to November. However, it can be unbearably hot in July-August.
  • The Rocky Mountains states are recommended from May to October.
  • The Pacific States are recommended from April to November.
  • Florida and Southern California are hot all year round.
  • In winter, large parts of the continent are covered in snow – in fact all the way down to the Mexican border.

Credit cards are absolutely necessary in the United States as it can be difficult to rent a car or a hotel room in the United States without a credit card. The most common are Visa cards and MasterCards that can be used in most stores and restaurants. If necessary, bring cash in US dollars in reserve, but this is not necessary as there are ATMs at airports and many other places.

conditions NOTE! The visa rules can be changed at short notice so we recommend that you check the current conditions at the country’s embassy or at┬áThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.
The following information may change.

Sweden is part of the Visa Waiver program, which means that you can travel around as a tourist in the US for up to 3 months without a visa. The only requirement is that you have a plane ticket out of the country. Please note that if you are traveling to one of the neighboring countries Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean countries, you will not be able to renew your tourist visa upon entry into the United States. (This means that you can not get another 90 days)
Please note that it is a requirement that you are in possession of a machine-readable passport upon entry into the United States. This also applies to children, regardless of age, who are required to bring their own machine-readable passports. All Swedish passports except temporary passports are machine readable.

NOTE! From 12 January 2009, all Swedish citizens must make an ESTA registration online at least 72 hours before entry. The registration replaces the green form previously issued on the aircraft. From September 8, 2010, ESTA will charge a small fee for prior approval.

USA is an extremely large country and therefore it is important to limit yourself. If you have limited time and would like to see more things around the country, you should take the flight.
There are a number of low cost airlines flying domestically in the United States. These companies are often very restrictive with their airline tickets and it is usually not possible to rebook or get a refund.
It is a good idea to book your domestic flights at the same time as the flight ticket for the trip there because it is cheaper and the luggage is then included in the price.

Car, motorcycle and motorhome
If you have limited yourself to a certain part of the United States, a car, caravan or motorcycle is the best and most independent way to get around. Here you decide the pace and you can stop whenever you want. You can return your car elsewhere than where you rented it, but you should be aware that there is often a fairly substantial extra charge. The price depends on size / model, which area you start your trip from, season, and (when renting a car) if you are over or under 25 years old. It is sufficient to bring a Swedish driving license, but it is recommended to bring an international driving license to avoid linguistic misunderstandings. Also remember credit cards.
It is usually cheaper to rent a car, motorhome or motorcycle from home.
There is rarely public transport to the national parks, so a rented vehicle or a guided tour is necessary if you want to visit these areas.

Feel free to book a car that is a bit bigger than you think you need. You will be traveling for many hours and the small surcharge is worth the extra comfort.

We recommend that you either rent a GPS or buy McNally’s Road Atlas (available stores), which provides a really good overview of the road network in each state.

It is not recommended to hitchhike in the United States.

In most countries, tips are part of the salaries of employees in the service industry. Therefore, it is good practice (and sometimes directly necessary) to give tips to, for example, cleaning staff, waiters, guides, drivers, etc. depending on the country you are visiting. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how much is normally given in tips and to whom before you embark on your journey. Find information about tips in, for example, Lonely Planet’s guidebooks.

Good advice

  • Buy a “National Park Pass” (Annual) for approx. $ 80 and you get free admission to all the national parks
  • Book your first hotel night from home and the start of the journey will be a little calmer
  • Book overnight stays in big cities and especially in popular national parks, as it is often fully booked in connection with long weekends and holiday periods
  • Book overnight stays in advance around holidays (see below) as it will be fully booked quickly
  • Book a rental car from home
  • Plan your trips away from home because the distances are great

National Holidays
January 1st, New Year’s Day
3rd Monday in January, Martin Luther King Day
3rd Monday in February, Washington’s Birthday
Last Monday in May, Memorial Day
4th July, Independence Day
1st Monday in September, Labor Day
2. Monday in October, Columbus Day
November 11th, Veterans Day
4th Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day
December 25th, Christmas








Choosing is an art
The United States is perhaps the most diverse and diverse country in the world. The USA is diners and dollar grin, cowboys and camping, burgers and Budweiser, Indians and idols – the USA is magnificent! As a traveler in the United States, you will discover that each state is like a new country, each with its own distinct culture. From New York’s bustling metropolis and Manhattan’s skyscrapers to the deafening silence of one of the many national parks. And from the relaxing life of San Francisco and the sun-drenched boulevards of LA to the vibrant and neon-soaked Las Vegas.

Something for everyone
The varied nature of the United States makes it difficult to limit oneself when planning a trip. The steep walls of the Grand Canyon compete with skyscrapers of rock formations in the country’s national parks for a place on the route. And the deep endless forests and arid deserts compete against crocodile-filled Everglades and glorious palm-fringed beaches for the traveler’s attention.

If you want to experience something different on your trip, a road trip in a car, motorcycle or motorhome is a good way to experience the United States and gives a wonderful freedom to experience national parks, sights and cities at your own pace. And if you want to try life as a cowboy, you can also visit fantastic ranches.

Vital nation
The population also reflects a nuanced and diverse composition. Here drive and energy reign, but what characterizes the typical American is almost impossible to say, for who is the typical American? The many different ethnic peoples enrich the traveler with a new insight into, not only in a country but in the different cultures and customs of many countries.

Information about United States