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United States Literature – Modernism

The poem The need to renew language through the creation of communicative models capable of measuring themselves against a reality in profound and rapid evolution is the need that unites all those who recognize themselves in the modernist movement, starting with G. Stein, expatriated to Paris in 1903, who with E. Pound represents, especially at the… Read More »

United States Struggle for Independence

The Peace of Paris of February 10, 1763 had decided, after a long war, whether North America was to be French or English. With the expulsion of the French from Canada and the Mississippi valley and its tributaries, and of the Spaniards from Florida, a vast field opened up to the colonial action of England.… Read More »

United States Economic Activities

According to the 1950 census, 18.3% of the population was employed in agricultural activities (including forests and fishing), 33.5% in industries (including construction), 18.8% in transport, communications, etc., 1.7% in extractive industries, 21.4% in commerce, public services, etc. In January 1959 the Census Bureau calculated the labor force at 70,027,000 individuals, of which 67,430,000 employed… Read More »

Information about United States

The country’s slogan – the United States is the country of opportunity – keeps its promise! Take time to experience its amazing diversity. The United States is so much more than just hamburger chains, cars and skyscrapers. Whether you want to see a big city with culture and shopping or make a road trip through… Read More »

Las Vegas Weather

Although I recommend spring and autumn as the best time to travel to Las Vegas, you can still take a trip to the glittering metropolis all year round. However, you should make yourself aware of the Las Vegas weather outside of the best travel time before you travel. Since the weather in the desert city… Read More »

United States 2012

Yearbook 2012 USA. The election year began with a primary election in the Republican Party. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was the best, even though he appeared most as a compromise candidate. No other candidate succeeded in gaining more support, and it became clear that he was going to challenge Barack Obama in the presidential… Read More »

Fort Lauderdale Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Fort Lauderdale For most tourists, most things happen in Fort Lauderdale in and around the beach. It’s easy to forget that the city has several historic buildings and museums that are worth a visit. Also, one can successfully take a look at the scenery in and around Fort Lauderdale (and Florida). You will… Read More »


FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN MIAMI Arriving by direct flights There is a direct flight from Helsinki to Miami. Finnair flies to Miami International Airport and Norwegian to Fort Lauderdale, slightly further north. While a direct flight can be expensive from time to time, it’s worth keeping an eye out for possible offers, as sometimes… Read More »