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Getting to Japan

GETTING THERE Arriving by plane According to payhelpcenter, Japan’s national airlines are Japan Airlines (JL) (Internet: www.jal.com ; information and reservations: Tel: (0180) 222 87 00 (Germany); (01) 502 91 88 88 (Austria); (0844) 88 87 00 (Switzerland)) and ANA – All Nippon Airways (NH) (Internet: www.anaskyweb.com). Japan Airlines only connects Tokyo-Narita with Europe from… Read More »

Japan and South Korea

Join us on a trip to Japan and South Korea! The Japanese archipelago and the Korean Peninsula share many cultural features and largely have an intertwined common history. Our trip goes first to Japan and then on by boat to South Korea, whose exciting capital Seoul is a true metropolis with a rich cultural offer… Read More »

Japan 2012

Yearbook 2012 Japan is the world third largest country. On March 11, one year after the serious nuclear accident in Fukushima and the tsunami on the northeast coast, memorials were held all over Japan. According to the latest official data, 15,854 people died in the disaster. More than 3,100 people were still missing and close… Read More »