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Proportion of literate adults: 71.2% (2015) Major religions: Hinduism 80%, Islam 14% (2011) Urban population: 33.5% (2017) Life expectancy (female / male): 70.3 / 67.34 years (2018, estimated) Gender Inequality Index: Rank 129 (of 162) (2018) Number of births: 2.33 / woman (2016, estimated) Infant mortality: 39.4 / 1000 live births (2017) Travel & Transportation‚Ķ Read More »

India 2012

Yearbook 2012 India. It was a tough year for the federal government of India, led by the Congress Party. Several serious corruption scandals shook Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his ministers. Out in the streets, tens of thousands of people demonstrated at times against the widespread corruption that permeated the entire country, not least the‚Ķ Read More »