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The Surface of Germany

Germany can be divided into four large geographical areas: the North German Lowland, the broad belt of the Central German Highlands, the Bavarian Plateau, and a narrow fringe of Alpine foothills along the Austrian border. Old and younger tectonic movements and river erosion modeled a diverse landscape relief in the colorful rocks. The coasts of… Read More »

What to See in Leipzig (Germany)

According to 3rjewelry, Leipzig was founded in 1015 as a settlement at the crossroads of two of the most important European trade routes – the Royal and Imperial roads. Before him, there was a Slavic settlement Lipsk, as well as a German settlement. It received city status in 1165. In the XIII-XV centuries. Leipzig became… Read More »

Germany Geography

Climate The climate presents transitional characteristics between the oceanic regimes of Atlantic Europe and the continental ones of the Russian plain. Overall, however, the temperate oceanic influence is still noticeable in winter, so that climates are milder than latitude (between 47 ° and 55 ° N) might suggest. The modest elevation of the reliefs, except… Read More »

Leipzig, Germany Economy

Leipzig, independent city in Saxony, an average of 118 m above sea level, in the Leipzig lowland bay at the confluence of the Parthe, Pleiße and Weißer Elster rivers, (2019) 593 100 residents. The central location of Leipzig within Central Europe has greatly favored the development of traffic and the diverse trade relations and created… Read More »

Germany 2012

Yearbook 2012 Germany. The criticism grew at the beginning of the year against President Christian Wulff after it was discovered that he had borrowed money privately from a business acquaintance when he was prime minister in Lower Saxony, denied that it happened, and then threatened a newspaper about the published information about it. When the… Read More »