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How to Get to Brussels, Belgium

Cheaper and faster to fly by plane. The schedule of the capital’s airports has direct flights to Brussels, from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Volgograd and other cities – only connecting. However, this is not the only option – you can get by air via Amsterdam or Dusseldorf, and for those who are afraid of flying, there… Read More »

Plantin Moretus Museum (World Heritage)

According to payhelpcenter, the museum in Antwerp houses the only printing company in the world that has survived from the Renaissance or Baroque periods. Christoffel Plantin (1520 –1589) founded the company in 1555. The museum illustrates the life and work of Plantin and his successor Jan Moretus and offers an overview of the art of… Read More »

Belgium 2012

Yearbook 2012 Belgium. Belgium’s newly-appointed government in January froze payments for, among other things. rail maintenance and procurement to the defense in accordance with EU demands for reduced budget deficits. At the end of the month, the major unions organized a 24-day general strike, the first in the country in six years. The protest was… Read More »