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Landmarks of Australia

According to Calculatorinc, the most famous and largest city on the mainland is Sydney. It was founded in 1788 when a transport ship arrived here under the command of Arthur Philip. It was this part of the city, where the crew of the ship landed, that was called “The Rocks”, which means “Rocks” in translation,… Read More »

The City of Sydney

Sydney is the oldest and most populous city in Australia and the country’s most important economic center. The opera house opened in 1973 and the Australian Museum are of particular cultural importance. In 2000 Sydney hosted the XXVII. Summer Olympics. Sydney is Australia’s oldest settlement founded by Europeans. Today it is the capital of the… Read More »

Australia 2012

Yearbook 2012 Australia. On February 22, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigned with the statement that he no longer had the confidence of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. He also said he did not think she could lead the Labor Party to victory in the 2013 election. It immediately led to speculation about a leader fight within… Read More »