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Arriving by direct flights

There is a direct flight from Helsinki to Miami. Finnair flies to Miami International Airport and Norwegian to Fort Lauderdale, slightly further north. While a direct flight can be expensive from time to time, it’s worth keeping an eye out for possible offers, as sometimes tickets can get surprisingly cheap for as little as € 500.

You can also fly to Miami, switching between several cities in Europe and the United States. A possible flight can be significantly cheaper than a direct flight, especially if it is not possible to be flexible on travel dates.

Miami has several airports. The airport for Finnish flights is located about 15 kilometers outside the city. From the airport, you can reach the city center and other areas of the city by taxi, rental car or public transport. Some hotels offer a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel.

Accommodation in Miami

The Miami area has a huge variety of hotels of different levels and styles. You can choose from luxury hotels in downtown Miami, beach hotels in Miami Beach, art deco hotels in South Beach or cozy bed and breakfast accommodations. In Miami, you can also stay in a rented vacation home or villa.

Distances in a big city can be long and public transportation is awkward here in American terms as well. So pay attention to the location of the hotel if you don’t want to spend your time walking in the heat or taking your money by taxi.

Getting around Miami

The most convenient way to get around Miami is to rent a car. You can already rent a car from the airport, which has a car rental center. In Miami, parking is chargeable in many areas and there are tolls on state highways. A taxi is also an easy means of transportation, but when used constantly it eats up a lot of the travel budget.

There are public transport trains and buses in the city, where the trip costs a couple of dollars. Metromover is a free way to get around the city. It is a special vehicle for tourists, with stops in the city’s most famous places to visit. Metromover trains run every day of the week from early morning to midnight. Before the trip, you can download an application to your mobile phone that will help you use public transport in the city.



South Beach

South Beach is a trendy neighborhood at the southern tip of Miami Beach. The district features the famous Ocean Drive, known for its Art Deco buildings, and one of Miami’s best beaches. There are many shops and restaurants in the South Beach district. South Beach is a great place for the whole family to spend the day, but in the evenings the trip becomes more raucous and it’s worth moving elsewhere with the kids.

Along Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, there is plenty of interesting things to see for the architecture lover. This region is the center of Miami’s own art deco trend, where coral colors and nautical patterns combine with the art deco style trend that landed in Europe in the early 20th century. Also visit the Art Deco Museum!

Miami’s stunning beaches

In addition to South Beach, Miami also has numerous other stunning sandy beaches lined with rows of tall palm trees. Plenty of time for a relaxed beach life and sunbathing should be set aside for your holiday program.

On the shores of Miami, it is worth noting that the seas are often very intense and the waves rise high. Strong currents also occur and the instructions on the warning signs should be followed. Also remember to have a sturdy enough sunscreen. Helle is here toast and sunscreen is an absolutely necessary piece of equipment every day of the beach.

Little Havana

Little Havana is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood where you can immerse yourself in the traps of Latin American culture. The streets of Little Havana have Cuban restaurants, traditional tobacco shops and art galleries. The neighborhood is located near downtown Miami.

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is dominated by skyscrapers, which feature branded shops and restaurants. The center is located on the mainland side of the beach, opposite South Beach. The area offers beautiful scenery. Many completely omit the official center, as the South Beach area is a significantly more interesting area from a tourist’s perspective.

The sports craze of Miami

Miami has great opportunities to watch NHL matches, American football or baseball on site. Any of these are an interesting experience to experience live, even if you aren’t even an actual sports person otherwise. The atmosphere in the stadium or hall is quite unique and a baseball game in particular is a great place to get a glimpse of how the locals spend their holidays.

It is easy to get tickets for many matches, even at the very last minute, but of course the most interesting matches, especially the top games of the NHL, should be booked well in advance.