Saskatchewan, Canada History

By | October 14, 2021

According to thereligionfaqs, Saskatchewan is a Canadian province. It is located in Western Canada. Important cities are the capital Regina and Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan has approx. 1,013,000 residents and covers 651,900 km². Saskatchewan is the sixth largest of the 10 provinces in terms of population. Saskatchewan became a province in 1905. The economy is based on agriculture.


1524 – The Italian seafarer Giovanni da Verrazano is sent by King Francis I of France to explore the area between Florida and Newfoundland in hopes of finding a passage to the Pacific Ocean. He explored the North American east coast from Cape Fear (in present-day North Carolina ) and northward presumably as far as Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. He was the first European to penetrate New York Bay. When he arrived in Saskatchewan, he christened the whole area “Nova France”

1603-1635 – Samuel de Champlain explored “New France”, and became known as ” Father of New France ” and ” Father of Acadia “, and many places bear his name, one of which is Lake Champlain, which is on the border between New York and Vermont and just across the border into Canada.

1690 – Henry Kelsey is the first European to visit Saskatchewan and travel up the Saskatchewan River.

1700 – The Cree Indians, one of the largest indigenous peoples in North America with over 200,000 members, arrive in Rupert’s Land, located in the Badlands area. Country singer Shania Twain stated in an interview that her biological father was half Cree. Iron Maiden’s song ” Run To The Hills ” is also about the conflict between European settlers and Native Americans.

1789 – Alexander McKenzie explores the northern part of Lake Athabasca. Read more here.

1792 – Peter Fidler maps a route on the northern Saskatchewan River.

1859 – Gold is found in the northern Saskatchewan River.

1885 – North-West Uprising takes place. Cree Indians massacred most white settlers at Frog Lake, 4,000 militiamen were sent to Saskatchewan, and defeated the Metis people. Louis Riel was hanged.

1892 – Regina is hit several times by one of the worst typhus epidemics due to lack of sewerage. The year before, the first sewer systems were installed in the city to drain the stagnant septic tanks, but many residents still dumped their garbage in the suburbs. All of this helped disperse the worst epidemic. In 1913, the first construction of a proper sewer system began.

1906 – Regina becomes the capital of Saskatchewan. An extreme cold and storm killed 70% of the cattle.

1911 – Bob St. Henry was the first to complete the first wing aircraft in Saskatchewan.

1912 – A tornado in Regina kills 28 people, destroys 500 buildings and leaves 2,500 homeless. Read more here. The English actor William Henry Pratt, better known as ” Boris Karloff ” was in town at this time, and had just begun to use the familiar name.

1914 – World War II begins, and over 42,000 Saskatchewan men and women serve in the military.

1918 – Spanish flu kills over 4,000 people.

1921 -56% of school children were infected with tuberculosis.

1922 – The world’s first complete radio broadcast of a professional hockey game is broadcast.

1926 – Ku Klux Khan arrives in Saskatchewan.

1938 – Western equine encephalitis virus infects over 50,000 horses, killing 15,000.

1952 – An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease is spread and more than 1,000 cattle have to be killed.

1954 – A Trans-Canada plane collides with the RCAF Trainer over Moose Jaw, 38 were killed and three houses destroyed.

1967 – The schizophrenic Victor Ernest Hoffman, kills 9 people at Shell Lake. Read more here.

1982 – Saskatchewan chiefs form the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations ; Regina hosted the World Assembly of First Nations (the world’s largest collection of native people)

1983 – Henry Taube becomes the first Saskatchewan- born Nobel Prize winner.

On January 21, JoAnn Wilson was found beaten, shot and killed in the garage of her home in Regina. Her ex-husband, politician Colin Thatcher, was initially under suspicion, but was later charged with the murder on May 7, 1984. Read more here.

1991 – The remnants of the 92 million year old crocodile ” Big Bert “, was found on the Carrot River. Read more here.

1994 – Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur bones found at Eastend, called “Scotty”. The city is now the tourist center of a museum called the T.Rex Discovery Center, which opened May 30, 2000.

Saskatchewan, Canada History