Landmarks of Australia

By | April 22, 2022

According to Calculatorinc, the most famous and largest city on the mainland is Sydney. It was founded in 1788 when a transport ship arrived here under the command of Arthur Philip. It was this part of the city, where the crew of the ship landed, that was called “The Rocks”, which means “Rocks” in translation, and today this place is the main attraction of the city. The most important issues that influenced Cadman’s Cottage, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, is reminiscent of those times and takes its name from a notorious criminal who lived there. The park where prisoners once lived, where you can find out what they ate, how they lived and worked, what were they thinking. In addition to historical monuments, Australia is known for its nature. A heavenly place for nature lovers will be the Royal Botanic Gardens, which features more than a million species of plants for everyone to see. Here you can find the largest aquarium (Sydney Aquarium), which, due to its gigantic size, was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as it holds the largest amount of water among all aquariums in the world. This truly majestic aquarium is home to over 5,000 species of a wide variety of marine creatures. Here you can also see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, namely the Great Australian Reef Barrier, which includes a huge number of a wide variety of fish and plant species, some of which are listed in the Red Book. Art lovers will find something to do here, too, after all, there are famous museums in Sydney: the Gallery of New South Wales, which presents the work of many Australian, European and Asian masters; Australian Museum, considered one of the best in the world; Maritime and Automobile Museum, as well as many other cultural attractions. In addition, Sydney is known for its opera house, which is visited by thousands of tourists not only to listen to opera performances, but also to look at the building, which is unique in terms of architecture. The bridge built across Sydney Harbor can also be attributed to the architectural values of Australia. From this place, the viewer opens up a truly incredible landscape of the ocean. Of course, lovers of real relaxation go to the north of the country, as the so-called Gold Coast stretches here with its warm and sunny beaches washed by the ocean. There is entertainment for everyone here. Movie lovers can visit the Warner Bros Movie World park, where popular scenes from famous films are shown live. If we drive further north, we will find ourselves in the city of Keynes, which can rightfully be called the city of gardens. These beautiful gardens bloom between the blue sea and the rain forest, over which the longest cable car in the world is laid. You can visit the no less beautiful and rich in sights city of Melbourne. Here you can see the work of famous European and Australian artists in the Victoria Gallery, go to the Royal Botanic Gardens or visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Nature lovers are advised to visit Kakadu National Park and Uluru National Park.


British cuisine, which was brought to Australia by the first settlers, had a strong influence on Australian cuisine. After the second wave of immigration, the national cuisine of Australia was supplemented with elements of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Today, the impact of globalization has led to the fact that the national cuisine has become more international. Here you can find a wide variety of restaurants that offer different dishes, among which are halal and kosher dishes, dishes that combine elements of the cuisine of different countries and the so-called modern Australian cuisine, which has recipes more traditional for Europeans. However, British dishes are the most common here. In addition to international cuisine, you can taste authentic Australian dishes that have been revived thanks to spices, which are made from plants growing on the mainland. These ingredients have become the main part of the cuisine, which is now very popular among gourmets.


Australia can be confidently attributed to countries with developed health care. The structure of medical institutions is very developed and includes a large number of components. An important part of health care is occupied by hospitals providing assistance to the population. This is evidenced by the large amount of funds allocated annually from the state budget. About 93% of all medical expenses are covered by state aid. In a public hospital, one day of a patient’s stay costs 600-700 Australian dollars. The number of visits to public health facilities is 4.3 million per year, with a population of 21 million people.

Landmarks of Australia