Black Hawk County, Iowa Weather by Month

By | January 1, 2024

Black Hawk County, located in northeastern Iowa, experiences a climate characterized by distinct seasons, each contributing to the unique charm of the region. From the cold winters to the warm summers, the weather patterns influence daily life, outdoor activities, and the overall atmosphere of this picturesque area.

January: January marks the heart of winter in Black Hawk County. Daytime highs range from 27°F to 34°F (-3°C to 1°C), and nighttime lows can plummet to 9°F to 17°F (-13°C to -8°C). The region often experiences snowfall, creating a winter landscape that is both serene and festive. Residents bundle up against the chill, and outdoor activities include winter sports like sledding and skiing. Indoor activities, such as exploring local museums or attending community events, become popular during this cold month. See for climate and weather in Davenport, Iowa.

February: As February unfolds, winter continues to hold sway over Black Hawk County. Daytime temperatures range from 31°F to 38°F (-1°C to 3°C), with nighttime lows averaging between 13°F and 20°F (-11°C to -7°C). Snow remains on the ground, and residents may engage in traditional winter activities. Despite the chill, there is a sense of anticipation as the days gradually lengthen, hinting at the approach of spring. February is a month of contrasts, with the beauty of snow-covered landscapes contrasting with the promise of warmer days ahead.

March: March marks the transition from winter to spring in Black Hawk County. Daytime highs range from 41°F to 50°F (5°C to 10°C), and nighttime lows improve to 23°F to 31°F (-5°C to -1°C). While traces of snow may linger, signs of spring become more evident. Crocuses and daffodils begin to emerge, and the landscape starts to awaken from its winter slumber. March is a time of changing seasons, and residents may start to venture outdoors for early spring activities as the temperature begins to rise.

April: April brings the full embrace of spring to Black Hawk County. Daytime highs range from 55°F to 65°F (13°C to 18°C), and nighttime lows generally stay above freezing, averaging between 34°F and 42°F (1°C to 6°C). Trees begin to bud, and flowers bloom, transforming the region into a colorful landscape. April is an ideal time for outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to enjoying the blooming flora. Residents and visitors alike savor the warmer temperatures and the beauty of nature in its springtime glory.

May: May ushers in even warmer temperatures and the peak of spring in Black Hawk County. Daytime highs range from 65°F to 76°F (18°C to 24°C), while nighttime lows comfortably stay in the 44°F to 54°F (7°C to 12°C) range. The region experiences longer days, providing ample daylight for residents and visitors to enjoy outdoor pursuits like gardening, picnics, and exploring the vibrant local parks. May is a popular month for nature enthusiasts, as the county’s landscapes come alive with activity.

June: Summer officially arrives in June, bringing warmer and more consistent temperatures. Daytime highs range from 76°F to 85°F (24°C to 29°C), with nighttime lows in the 54°F to 64°F (12°C to 18°C) range. The landscape is lush and green, and outdoor activities thrive. June is a popular month for events, festivals, and enjoying the natural beauty of the county. The longer days and pleasant temperatures make it an ideal time for hiking, biking, and enjoying the numerous outdoor attractions.

July: July is characterized by warm summer temperatures in Black Hawk County, with daytime highs ranging from 81°F to 88°F (27°C to 31°C). Nighttime lows generally stay between 61°F and 69°F (16°C to 21°C). This month marks the peak of summer, attracting residents and tourists to outdoor activities, festivals, and the county’s parks and recreational areas. July is a time for picnics, water activities, and enjoying the natural beauty of the area as summer is in full swing.

August: August maintains the warmth of summer, with daytime highs ranging from 79°F to 86°F (26°C to 30°C) and nighttime lows in the 59°F to 67°F (15°C to 19°C) range. The region continues to bask in the summer sun, making it an ideal time for water-based activities, such as kayaking or enjoying a leisurely day by one of the county’s lakes or rivers. August marks the final stretch of summer, and residents savor the warmth before the transition to fall.

September: As summer transitions to fall, September brings milder temperatures. Daytime highs range from 70°F to 79°F (21°C to 26°C), and nighttime lows dip to 50°F to 58°F (10°C to 14°C). The landscape begins to reflect the changing season, with leaves taking on hues of red, orange, and yellow. September is a pleasant month for outdoor activities, and the county’s natural beauty is on full display as fall foliage begins to make its appearance.

October: Fall takes center stage in October, with daytime highs ranging from 59°F to 68°F (15°C to 20°C) and nighttime lows dropping to 40°F to 49°F (4°C to 9°C). The fall foliage reaches its peak, creating a stunning backdrop for residents and visitors alike. Outdoor activities include hiking through trails adorned with vibrant leaves, attending fall festivals, and enjoying the crisp autumn air. October is a favorite month for those seeking the quintessential fall experience.

November: November marks the transition from fall to winter in Black Hawk County. Daytime highs range from 47°F to 57°F (8°C to 14°C), and nighttime lows dip to 29°F to 37°F (-2°C to 3°C). The county experiences a gradual cooling, and occasional frost signals the approach of winter. Residents prepare for colder temperatures, and some outdoor activities may shift to those suited for the brisk weather. November is a time for appreciating the last vestiges of fall before winter takes hold.

December: Winter returns in full force in December, with daytime highs ranging from 29°F to 38°F (-2°C to 3°C) and nighttime lows dropping to 12°F to 21°F (-11°C to -6°C). The region is often coated in a layer of snow, creating a festive atmosphere. December is a time for holiday celebrations, winter sports, and cozy gatherings as residents embrace the colder weather and the spirit of the season. The county’s communities come alive with holiday decorations and festivities, making it a charming place to welcome the winter holidays.

In summary, Black Hawk County, Iowa, offers a rich tapestry of weather experiences throughout the year. From the snowy winters that invite winter activities to the warm summers perfect for outdoor adventures, the county provides a diverse range of seasonal attractions for residents and visitors alike.

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