Zuk also Z1 Limited with back Cover in Oak (One in China)

The Zuk Z1, the first smartphone of the new brand of Lenovo in partnership with Elephone, was a little Chinese revelation of the year. Great components, cheap price and an OS signedCyanogen by promising to update quickly (it is already being developed the Marshmallow based firmware, for example). All at a price that is hard to resist, 300 € from Amazon Italy.
The device seems interesting but that banal plastic back cover does not convince you at all? Today you have less reason to resist: a version of Z1 with wooden back cover, a choice that has generated much excitement on Smartphones of the past like Moto X and OnePlus One. In this case, instead of the usual bamboo, you chose the oak wood, no less, that according to the official statement coming from the United States. The company said also didn’t apply any colored paint, in order to preserve as much as possible the original shades.
The back cover is not removable on Z1, so one must buy the “Oak Edition”. The good news is that it’s cheap, around 15 € in addition to the regular one, also because the technical specifications remain unchanged until the last comma; the bad news is that availability is limited to the Chinese market, at least for the time being, and that it will be a series produced in limited quantities. Certain that it would be really interesting to see it even in our latitudes.