Yoga shirts (34)

Comfortable and perfectly cut: great yoga shirts

At the latest after the entry into the world of yoga, the question arises after the appropriate clothing for the exercises. Fit properly should they and it must not restrict, comfortably she should be and are so soft on the skin! The best the carrier or the carrier she hardly feels after a while. And yoga pants and yoga shirts also still stylish to look at should be self-evident.

For each orientation and style the right

Yoga is so versatile: by the meditative Radja Yoga about astanga, hatha up to force – and fitness-accented modern variations. Ladies and gentlemen for each individual taste will find the matching in the wide variety of styles! It’s the same with Yoga clothing. < br / > for beginners the beauty of Yoga is that virtually no equipment is needed in addition to yoga mats. Only the matching top and a comfortable pair of pants, and nothing in the way are now entering. Patagonia, supernatural and red chili have yoga fashion, beautiful tops, up to comfortable yoga pants.

The materials from which Yoga shirts are made

no matter whether classical or modern: Yoga clothing is very comfortable to wear and does not restrict. Yoga shirts sit traditionally without constricting, leave room for the movement and keep everything nicely covered. < br / > the most manufacturers use breathable, soft tissue. Organic cotton fits perfectly with the idea of yoga. Modern functional fabric from recycled materials have a great level of comfort are also just as suitable for the daily routine.

Individual details, like hand work produced

Processing of Yoga shirts, like the shoulder straps, cuffs or ornaments is designed not to disturb and also comfortable to sit. Tasteful prints and loving small, handcrafted details make the difference to cheaper mass-produced goods. Thus, the pieces become real favorite parts that super will also work with the Pilates or the evening of the ICH on the couch!