Xiaomi Ninebot Mini: a Video Showing How It Works and How You Drive

The revolution of two-wheeled personal transportation for everyone; This is the concept by which Xiaomi presented two weeks ago, the new Mini Ninebot, the strange between two wheels intended to be talked about a lot not only the Asian market, thanks to the investment that the Chinese home made to sense Segway .
The editors of CNET could try it in preview, documenting the driving experience, the extreme lightness in transporting it and at the same time good manoeuvrability and comfort in fly short distances. In his 12.8 kg, Nineboot Mini delivers a top speed of 15 km/h, up to 22 km on a single charge, and 4 hours to restore the autonomy from 0 to 100.
The maximum weight that the platform can bring must not exceed 85 kg, acceptable if we consider the extremely lightweight materials for production.
But let’s move on to the more serious, to learn how to manage the 15 gradients Xiaomi has integrated into the sensor of Nineboot Mini, it will take only 3 minutes according to the company. According to the test is really that: in a few minutes you will learn now to tilt properly the body Center of gravity to move the small between two wheels.
The first minute the use for Learn how to hop on and off safely, which means grasp between your balance and your foot on the machine, before proceeding to support the second. Thanks to a very precise balance algorithm, it is difficult to fall while standing still, once accustomed to the right move to do to climb, it will be like standing on the floor.
As for the Segway , proceed with the departure of Nineboot Mini it’s all a matter of move forward . The sensors of Mini detect the change of balance and will begin to rotate by moving the two wheels. The more you sporgerete more, the speed will increase. To reverse the process, simply change tilt (leaning slightly backwards).
The ignition takes place through the knees and the Central supports which serve to support the legs and maneuver on Nineboot, on the lower platform, small warning LEDS allow you to make it clear to those around us, the driving direction. Finally, very interesting section on management through application, Nineboot Mini can be controlled without driver via smartphones and app dedicated, almost like a little robot, in addition to having under control autonomy and other data.
Really a revolutionary personal means of transport, with elbow pads and knee pads in packs of wear. The problem for these products is its availability in other markets outside China, the canals in Italy will certainly remains the unknown factor price (€ 290 to direct exchange, but as usual there will be taxes and customs to apply) and especially strong demand that Chinese users will not be lacking for this product Xiaomi.