Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, Exudes a New Photo and Likely Launch on November 7

Already a few months has passed from the first rumor on the new smartband of Xiaomi, Mi Band 1S. One must go back to the beginning of July of this year to find images and some technical information, in particular the inclusion of the heartbeat sensor, derived from certification at the taiwanese NCC.
Usually, it is a short step from certification to market, but we have already seen in the past that with Xiaomi is not a fixed rule. It happened to this Mi Band 1S, disappeared completely until a few hours ago when the famous Chinese blog Mydrivers had appeared the photos you see in the opening accompanied by alleged a presentation date, next Saturday, 7 November.
The bracelet, the site says, should simply be announced on the official website of Xiaomi, without special events, and sales should start on the same day. The cost of the device would have risen by about 30 percent compared to the old smartband, an increase is justified by the presence of the new heart rate sensor. You would then by previous 69 Renminbi to 99, the equivalent of about 15 €. A price still very profitable, despite everything.
Unfortunately the page has been removed, so it is very difficult to determine whether it is legitimate or not an indiscretion. The photo looks authentic, but we take everything with a grain of salt.