Xiaomi Could Be Valuing Leaving MediaTek Hardware

The firm Xiaomi -now my dry – it has grown like the foam from its first steps, and is to launch after launch only been as it harvested success after success.
Its great asset has been the for placing on the market devices with high quality in its design and construction, but that they also had very attractive prices thanks to a solvent hardware but contained costs, for what its agreement with MediaTek ensured affordable and successful chipsets.
Seems the guys of my relations with Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, might be reconsidering as the latest rumors indicate that MI would stop using MediaTek processors to place another type of solutions in its new Bill.
At the moment there is no official position of any of the companies, and the information are just rumors, Although sources have also dared to point at Nvidia and Xiaolong, two hardware manufacturers who have already worked with me, as new major hardware vendors for my.
We do not know the reasons for the rupture, although my keep walking with the aim of becoming the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. Is confirmed, will have this something to do with the decision?