Worth Put Wider Tires on Motorcycles?

It’s always nice to customize your bike, isn’t it? Mainly by putting some more tire and a sports model, but it is important to remember that not all customization is interesting for the bike, mainly by changing the original factory setting.
Today we’ll talk about the change in size of the tires in Themotorcyclers, what problems we face in the medium and long term and what the opinion of professionals in the area of maintenance on this controversial subject.
We set that is not good, just like in the case of personnel risks putting Xenon Headlight in bikes that don’t have this specification from factory, see:

The charm turns into nightmare

A typical situation in the world of motorbikes: the owner is going to change the tire. After consulting friends, users of the same motorcycle model, internet discussion groups, the owner agrees to place a larger tire, even encouraged by some mechanic workshops and motorcycle parts. Several motorcycles are the “target” of this fashion, which can be dangerous: from small 125 cc until nakeds, like the Suzuki Bandit.
On the streets and in photos on the internet, one can realize that one of the fads is putting a larger rear tire on Honda CBX 250 Twister. Users of this 250cc often opt to put larger tires like 140 and 150 mm wide, instead of the original in 130/70-17. But to do that perform adaptations, arriving to the expand the scale. What undermines the original structure of the bike.
Tire installed, the visual looks great. But the improvement is only in visual. The House Manager Richard Tires, Adriano Batista Light, warning: “we don’t do that, just by signing a term of responsibility”. According to Adriano, the risks and the losses are many. “The consumption increases, the relationship has premature wear due to the tire being heavier, affects the speedometer and the odometer”, emphasizes.

More risk that the imagined

In addition to the losses already mentioned above, the German owner, Gregory Douglas Ross, explains more about the dangers of using tires “gifted” in motorcycles: “Tires larger than the originals they generate increased wear on the tread due to the greater area of contact with the asphalt, leaving the Tire ‘square’, hindering the realization of curves, apart from the fact that larger tires are more expensive”.
Other components such as the scale, current guard and fenders may suffer malfunctions with the component out of the original specifications. There is a risk of wider tire on balance, scrape in to front and mud at the bottom of the rear mud. In the latter case the tire can scrape the mud before the suspension comes at the end of the course, leading to a possible breach of the plastic piece.

Factory original

To set the original measure, factories perform a series of tests with various measures. To choose the most appropriate. And the bike is designed taking into account that particular measure. The automaker aims to, in addition to the aesthetic, performance issue, the proposal from the motorcycle, the durability, the ease and the cost for replacement.
If you don’t know what the biker original measure of your bike tires, see your owner’s manual. There are informed of the measures and the correct pressure being used in tires. You can’t go wrong.
Texto adaptado de uma matéria do site Webmotors