World Cup and Champions League Winners

The Champions League is for clubs what the World Cup countries, the highest football trophy. Since 1992 is the most important football tournament is held under the name of the Champions League. Since then it has won three club, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and AC Milan, the trophy three times. The final of 2011-2012 will take place on May 19 in 2012 on the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Champions League

Champions League, literally league champion, is the most important football clubs in Europe. The champions from different European countries, along with the best teams from stronger countries tournament organized by the European football association UEFA. Each season gets 32 teams participating in the group stage.


The Chamions League was introduced in 1992 as the successor to the first European Cup, the most important tournament of the European landskamioenen held since 1955. As the name changed to Chamions League Real Madrid managed it four times to win. Three teams, FC Barcelona and AC Milan won the trophy three times.Manchester United and Bayern Munich each twice the best eight teams each won once.

Top scorer of all Time-Top 10

Winners of all Time 1955-2015

  • 10-Real Madrid
  • 7-AC Milan
  • 5-FC Barcelona
  • 5-Liverpool
  • 5-Bayern München
  • 4-Ajax
  • 3-Manchester United
  • 3-Inter Milan

Palmares Champions League 1992-2015