Wool jackets (147)

Wool jackets: suitable for everyday life, leisure and outdoor sports

Natural features and modern design – Merino jackets and wool jackets offer a superior level of comfort and are a stylish companion for any occasion. Whether you are a short jacket with hood or like for warm woollen, with cozy Fleeceeinlage – for every taste there is something!

A high-quality natural product with great function

High-quality wool, and the best quality comes from the New Zealand Merino sheep and has decisive advantages over simple wool or cotton, ideal for everyday use, comfortable outdoor clothing is suitable. Her ruffled structure can store plenty of air and forms an air cushion, which can be heated by the body. < br / > Merino Wool is sheared every year on the live animal and does not consist of recycled material. Wool receives Pro Schur and animal man doing about five kilograms. The Merino sheep Chris holds the record. This lost his flock, roamed streets through New Zealand and brought a proud weight over 40 kg on the scale by several years without new! < br / > your excellent, natural features and the high wearing comfort are the reason why Merino is so popular. < br / > at the major manufacturers such as icebreaker, Woolpower, Bergans, Mouflon and VAUDE find a matching Merino jacket guarantees men and women.

Merino Wool keeps you warm, breathable and odour-free

Underwear, Funktionsshirts, kurzärmlig or langärmlig, or just Merino Wool jackets in different material strengths – natural wool is an excellent function fiber! It feels soft and absolutely scratch-free on the skin, is breathable, takes nearly no odors, is flame retardant and regulates the temperature. < br / > on top warm natural wool in the wet state, ideal if the carrier in the sweat comes. Therefore, a wool jacket in everyday life and leisure time is a very practical and also send companion!

Wool or synthetic fibre?

Decides the usage purpose. It goes to the thing afloat and diaphoretic, or are cosier endurance activities on the program? < br / > functional underwear, hooded and jackets from artificial fibres direct immediately away moisture from the body. Movement-intensive operations, such as for example when jogging, trail running and General aerobic activities this is especially important. Welding is directly recorded and derived towards the outside. < br / > this not cools the body relaxed sections and during rest periods. In addition, synthetic fibers dry when they are wet and sweaty again quickly. However these have, if they are not properly treated, the property, smells sweat-neutralizing bacteria to assume. < br / > at Merino Wool, this is not the case, it takes no odors, and can be worn without another several times. While it dries more slowly, she warms up in cold weather and cools at higher temperatures. Merino jackets suited for these reasons for all the projects in which it is not quite so diaphoretic. < br / > This can be mountain climbing and skiing to hiking, or for walks and in everyday life. With a functional wool jacket in your luggage, it is thus excellently equipped in nature!