Women's Summer Hair-Cuts and Hairstyles

Women’s hair trends for summer 2012, appear quite controversial. On the one hand, we have the millimeter hair trimmed, with no drizzle outside the place, smooth and straight; at the other end, the highlights are deconstructed, with wires that make a lot of volume, movement and curls, besides hairstyles made purposefully littered with loose threads and kind of messed up.
Amid so many proposals for women’s hair for the next warm season, Textured hair, without doubt, is the tendency that caused more impact on the catwalks of the last São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio summer 2012.
More new bet for female hair, textured yarns promise to dominate the following seasons; blending yarn with smooth texture, corrugated and crisped in a same hairstyle. The trend also brings textured hairstyles, loose, casual appearance and opaque texture.
The well-behaved hair also hold sway in the fashion scene of summer 2012.Bringing hair very smooth and classic look. That rescue again to the center of the long-forgotten hairstyles trends, with hair thrown back, hairstyles with “scratches” or broken down in the middle.
Opposed to the straight arrow style, fashion plays with your hair, and the more irreverent and natural, marked by the presence of loose, bulky and wavy locks, that add a lot of balance and lightness to the wires. They also appear well maintained with peaked low root and beach hair dude.
Among the cuts that promise to Excel in summer 2012, are the cuts with rounded fringe, kept in various styles, and may be straight, long or short. The length of the wire focuses on shoulder, and appear well, smooth or wavy and peaked with simple and natural look. As for the colors, the light tones dominate the Sun station in 2012, that guarantee the return of the hair with lights and great evidence for the blond hair that are again on the rise.
In terms of hairstyle, remain highlighted traditional hairstyles Coke, earning new versions and styles (Coke-dancer, coke-banana-embedded, coke-messy), and can be used for both day to day and for evening and formal occasions.
The braids are following as one of the most requested hairstyles of summer 2012, present in most parades and catwalks, they appear in most versions taken off and well structured. You can bet on: root braid, braid and braid-tiara. Another classic is the ponytail hairstyles, it seems, will remain in fashion for a long time. It also appears the redesigned and WINS new versions, the more tidy as more relaxed, with textured yarns and strategically messed up.