Women's jewelry – what it means for women

Since the dawn of human history, people with jewelry items adorn themselves. Already thousands of years ago, stressed women with jewellery from bone, stone, animal teeth, shells and beads to their personality and marked their social position. Today women’s jewelry to do so, the personality, the beauty and style serves to underline the wearer. Some prefer something more discreet like it, others prefer extravagant and flashy jewelry.

Women’s jewelry can be distinguished using the decorated part of the body:
Neck jewellery (necklaces, Colliers)
Arm jewellery (bracelets, bracelets)
Finger jewelry (rings)
Ear jewellery (earrings, earrings, hoop earrings)
Headpieces (tiaras, hair pins, hair clips)
Nose jewellery (nose ring, nose plugs)
Foot jewelry (anklets, toe rings)
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