Women's Hats, Models, Tips

The hat is in style! Unlike before, when it was only used to protect itself from the sun, it has become an accessory to contemporary fashion. The hat is the prop of the time and can be used on several occasions.So for those who like to be always in style, check out the most popular models of the catwalks and know how to use them.


The most used model is the one called Panama. Produced in Ecuador has a lighter color. The Cloche, manufactured in France has become known for its bell design. And lastly the Fedora, elaborated originally in felt has a format similar to Panama.

Learn How To Use

Deceit is who thinks that the hat can only be used with loose hair. The women can use it with a hairstyle and, above all to give brightness and elegance to the look. Prefer simple hairstyles so that the hat does not come to mess you up in case you need to take it off.
There is no restriction of height, much less of physical type. Everyone can use it, as long as the person feels good with the accessory and knows how to match it properly. However, it is necessary to choose the model according to the shape of the face to achieve a harmonic look.
Discreet women should wear them at more formal events such as weddings and evening parties. The long-flap models, in addition to being stylish, are ideal for daytime weddings. The rest are restricted to informal events such as travel and lunches throughout the day.
The straw hats in shades of beige, nude, caramel, black and blue are classic and combine with any style.However, colors are also welcome. Being the highlight of the production brings to the visual more authenticity and individuality. The most indicated colors are: red, blue, moss green and dark blue.
The women’s hats are accessories that match any style is boho-chic or folk, the accessory looks good and does not let anyone go unnoticed. Use creativity and create the look that suits you best! Just be careful, not to overdo it and end up spoiling the whole production.