Women's Hats, Models, How to Use

ome time ago fashionable women wore hats to protect their skin from the sun’s rays, as the white skin was synonymous with high society royalty. Over the years the hats were getting forgotten and the tan on the skin caused by the sun’s rays became synonymous with beauty and healthy skin, only that the greed of men was destroying nature in such a way that he began to fight back and havoc that the sun’s rays cause human skin because of the absence of the ozone layer in many cases are irreparable. To solve this problem in a more elegant way the designers have gone back to the past and in a creative way have launched the modern retro fashion of wearing hats.

Women’s Hats

The feminine hat has its charm and every woman can count on an exclusive model that suits your style, it is only to combine with the right accessories to add value to the look, but you must observe some details so you can get a good result. Hats can bring elegance and refinement to the modern woman’s look, usually they are used at parties during the day, but stylists have thrown the hat as an indispensable accessory to be worn in women’s day to day and in any season. Like now in winter they can be made of warmer material like wool, knitting or Croce and match perfectly with scarves and quilts and warmer jackets. Besides leaving the look more elegant they protect the head from the cold and the sun, just choose what most suits your style and enjoy to shine in this season.

Check Out Some Tips Below:

Know what type of hat suits your face style so that you look good in any situation:
Triangular Face – For those with a triangular face it combines with smaller flap and canopy hats as they should match the size of a person’s face so that they can follow their shape.
– Oval face – for oval face the hat should be with flap and cup proportional to stay in harmony with the face shape.
– Elongated Face – Women with elongated faces should wear hats with medium to low crown because it fits perfectly on the head.
Square Face – for this type of face the matching hat is with wider flap and high crown leaving the visual in total harmony.
– Rounded face – The ideal hat for this type of face is hat with medium or high crown and proportional flap.
Now that you already know what the right kind of hat should look like for your face style you will learn how to wear various styles of hats.

Knowing The Hats:

Different from what most people think the hat can be worn in any season and everywhere. A straw hat for example can be used for a walk in the summer, for day to day the most used materials are felt and the fabric, but it should be discreet to match the occasion and in the lighter or neutral colors. If you want to wear a party hat it should be a “little” more flashy, but do not overdo it, because the right hat can save a look, but the wrong can be a bad memory. After checking out these basic tips you can choose the model that suits you and your style, and just go out and parade around with your new look.