Women's Hair Cut – Trends

Hair cutting tips for summer 2014

With each new season arrives it is common for women to have the desire to change the look, to be more suited to the climate. Now we’re at the beginning of the winter recently, however, the trend is already an eye even in spring/summer, with its high temperatures and climate more cheerful and fun. Check out what are the ideal hair cuts to get into next summer’s fashion:
There are several seasons that the wires come down your length. More and more women resolve to invest in hair with shorter cuts, they become practical and still leave the visual light. Over the past few seasons, the cut was doing the women’s head was the chanel lengthened, called by hairdressers “Long Bob”, wired passing shoulder height. Now, the wires have fallen even more.
For this season, the wires were more shorts and are getting in the time between your chin and your shoulders, as cutting of Blackberry, character played by actress Sophie Charlotte, in the novel Blood Well. Until the wires and straight fringe shorts are popping, as cutting the character Patricia, the soap opera love of Life.
However, it is clear that the long wires still on the rise, as are good classics. The actress Ellen Roche is playing the funkeira Woman in the novel John Blood, displaying long locks blonde, cut into layers, with bangs elongated. The look is great for those with especially s corrugated yarns but also to the smooth.