Women's Fleece Lined Sweaters

Fleeces – year-round all-rounder

Whether in a cool summer night above it or in the first layer in the winter: the fleeces is a useful companion for all cases, activities and seasons. Compared to fleece jacket the fleece has no continuous zipper and less to no pockets.
The main function is the warm and insulating. This is determined by the thickness of the material. Often, the fabric thickness is specified by specifying the grams per square meter in 100, 200 and 300. The term “Microfleece” appears some manufacturers and stands for the slimmest version of Fleecefamilie.
It is the thicker the material the warming. So a 300 series fleece pullover physically strenuous activity, such as for example when the skiing is sure to warm, and not the optimal choice. A microfleece would suffice.

Fleeces offer function and comfort

Advantages of the Fleecepullovers breathability for a comfortable body climate and high-quality models are the moisture on the outside. And should he be but once wet during a surprise thunderstorm showers largely remained the isolation function. A huge advantage over the conventional Wool Sweater.
Also dries very quickly. Models that are wind-proof made with the help of an additional layer provide optimal protection during dry, cold weather. In terms of feel-good factor, the fleece can also be points. He does not scratch, applying too much due to its light weight and allows enough freedom of movement.
The non-sensitive material is easy to clean from dirt. You should tilt however eighth, because low-quality materials when buying quality slightly to the pills. Fire and sparks are the only enemy of the Fleecepullovers. Here must be beware, because the synthetic material here behaves like ice in the sunshine.

Material and sustainability at Fleecepullovern

The polyester material developed in the United States in 1979 produced now by many manufacturers, such as for example Patagonia, to a large extent from recycled PET bottles and old, no longer worn pieces of clothing. A fleece pullover can be purchased so confidently.