Women's Fashion

The main trends highlighted in recent international fashion week betting on a controversial fashion for 2012. Where, at the same time that the guys are talking about 70 years ‘ reference, also highlights the luxurious glam style, the simplicity and elegance of minimalism with the finesse and austerity of the vintage pieces with air mannish.
Of light and descompromissadas references setentistas Käthe Kollwitz for the fashion of 2012, looser silhouettes, many prints with floral motifs and made in fine materials and fluid drape. With the presence of Boho chic, trend inspired in this decade, the Bohemian ring tones are present, especially in the details of the pieces, delicate lace and crochets that gain combining ethnic and romantic elements, plus fringes applied in skirts, blouses and dresses.
The glam style conquers space through the sparkles and colors included in the parts arriving with sparkles and skins, mainly in coats, overcoats, dresses, pants and skirts that also boast flashy embroidery details, sequins and metallic materials. The bright colors are also present, with electric tones and vibrant, in neon shades; Citrus tones, reds, blues, yellows and orange contrasted, sometimes to more neutral tones.
Against the grain of the glam style, exuberance enters minimalism with their parts and cuts that cherish for simplicity. Next to this, subtle sensuality pinches arise through the vintage or retro fashion, cuts loose parts, more elaborate gowns with touches borrowed from the boudoir of 20 years. Here at TheViennaStyle you can get more different models of the vintage fashion. However, to assign a little more personality and daring to 2012, the female looks classic and sober style mannish appears with great prominence in parts, especially in handbags, shoes and some clothes as jackets, casaquetos, covers on tweed and tailoring.