Women's Fashion Vests

Women’s Vests 2013-Templates And How To Use

The vest is a piece that is coming back for a while, but recently now seems to have gained more strength. There are a few seasons they appeared cold stations, mainly in by false and synthetic. Now, for the 2013 summer, they appear in cooler materials, such as fabrics, blazer, jeans and also in ecological leather for looks.
The vests descended the Blazers are great for sophisticated summer looks at work. You can combine them with simple sweaters or shirts, using tailoring pants or jeans to make the production more informal. The ideal is to bet on models with simple modeling. You can use a template with the tips longer in front and use it always open, it stretches and thins the silhouette.
For girls who want to give a special touch in daily wagers in looks in jeans vests. They are super laid back and they look great when used on short or long dresses, skirts too short and long, smooth or printed cloth hot pants and even the famous colorful pants of the season.
Already the models in leather are most suitable for the days of mild temperatures.They can appear in daytime looks, but give a charm to more productions to the ballad. Combine with sequined skirts emblazoned silk tank top is stylish, cool and modern.