Women's Fashion Tips – Summer

Fashion Tips-2014 Summer Trends
Winter recently started, but already we’re thinking even in the looks for next summer. The hottest season of the year promises super modern trends and beautiful, suitable for the most varied tastes. From basic to bold, see what you can get out of the walkways to parade in your day to day:
The trend that combines black and white colors is already having success since the summer of last year, intensified during this fall/winter and, Yes, will continue doing very successfully in the spring/summer of 2014. The stripes are the main way to use this combination of colors, but it can also arise in other ways, explained by ANYCOUNTYPRIVATESCHOOLS.
White does not remain in trends only to match the black, because the monochromatic looks are a great bet for next summer, and the white-out, without error, it should be your first choice. Dresses, skirts and blouses, pants and blouses, finally, match the tiles you want, but they are all white, or even, all of another color in the same or similar tones.
The prints also brand presence next summer. Besides the traditional prints of animals such as Leopard and snakes, another design promises to be a hit of the season, is the pattern of China, also called Portuguese tile pattern, whatever you want to call. White background and blue designs traditionally print comes in various parts, both in looks to the day to day, as pants, shorts, skirts, shirts and blazers, short and long dresses for parties.