Women's Fashion at the Oscars

Heidi Klum was in a pastel curtain to the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence remembered at the Paltrowsche fashion disaster, and Lady Gaga was just her wild image. What was your favorite dress?
You want to select the prefer beautiful Tuxedo? Then it’s along here.Yes the eternal classic: women such as Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, where it can be said before the red carpet appearance that they will opt for elegant, timeless dresses. A safe Bank, sometimes slightly boring. It was also in this year at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles (here you see all the winners in the overview). Witherspoon in Oscar de la Renta, Vergara in Marchesa: strapless, hourglass silhouette. Pretty. And immediately forgotten.
Then there’s the Joker: women like Lady Gaga, where you never exactly know whether they will adhere to the etiquette or whether she with her outfit for “Bittewas? Heavenly!’ Moments will provide. This year, the singer in a white pants suit by Brandon Maxwell came to the awards ceremony. Not a classic Oscar outfit, suitable for scandal nor boring. Trump.
Then there’s the surprise guests: women, that are known for their unmistakable fashion sense – and then manage that one inevitably frowned at the sight of their photos. At the Oscars Heidi Klum for such a moment. In their Pastel-colored Marchesa gown, she looked when she was caught up in a curtain and would then stumbled into a flower bed.
And what happened with Jennifer Lawrence? The actress hardly ever put an appearance after it would not congratulate her dress choice. But in her Dior gown and with her blond-colored long Bob she looked on Sunday night a little after Goth – and woke up bad memories of the nude disaster dress by Alexander Mc Queen, in which Gwyneth Paltrow 2002 shocked at the Oscars.
But perhaps Klum’s or Lawrence’s dress especially well you liked? Then, you can select it now to your favorite outfit. And so you go: you can see two photos in comparison. Click on the outfit from POLITICSEZINE that you like better. The other disappears, appears a new – again, you can click more beautiful that you think. Remains at the end the winner look.