Women Add Jewels: Perfect Combination!

The feminine universe is really fascinating! Many women are hooked on creams and perfumes, other in shoes or clothes, but in our “humble” opinion the greatest female addiction are the JEWELS! Inshallah we muiiito gold! kkkkkkkkk seriously people, there is more perfect combination than women and jewels? Is a true meeting of souls, after all we love everything that graces, shines, and especially let us even more beautiful and powerful! The word “jewel” comes from the Latin jocalis and means “pleasure”. A graceful woman can’t leave home without a pair of earrings, a wonderful fashion anklet, or without a beautiful necklace that will make you more charming, with all your strength increasing security and self-esteem. Buy a piece of jewelry in a delicious sensation, but winning a MIME of someone we love … ahhhhhh … goes beyond any feeling that can be described. Isn’t it true girls, who doesn’t love to win these treasures of this?!
We are crazy for gems, so today we want to share with you our new passions: parts of ROSE JEWELLERY! Rose is on the market for 16-year-old jeweler and travels the world to participate in trade fairs and conferences in the area. She recently arrived from New York (USA) and brought several innovations to split the head of any woman! We are in love … the products are of very high quality, differentiated design, have options that meet from babies to grannies, cute, modern pieces, some more traditional and other the extreme sophistication. Know what’s best? In ROSE JEWELRY you can find parts with super cool price, ideal for anyone who wants to give an unforgettable gift, and share in up to 10 x on the card!
See some of our choices!
Uauuuuu … look at the ALLIANCES … options to suit all tastes!
It’s not a dream? We accept any piece of this! RS
The Office of ROSE JEWELRY is in Evolution building (next to the Caixa Econômica Federal), on AV. Afonso Pena, in Campo Grande/MS. Remembering that you can pay your purchases by up to 10 x on the card!