With the Jeans the Mobile Control, Interactive Furniture and Carpets

Google collaborates with Levi’s in a smart jeans, which among other things is capable to control the mobile phone. Calls can, for example, by wiping gesture (paint over your Pocket) are accepted without having to get the cell phone or Smartphone out of the Pocket.

Threads And Chips Integrated In The Fabric

Levi Strauss wants to incorporate in future smart fabrics fabrics in clothing that in turn act as input instruments for the operation of mobile phones, tablets and computers, and the like.With the “project Jacquard”, Google wants to make networked clothing suitable for mass production. Levi is the first cooperation partner BB´s.
“There is a chance that the garments beloved by us can help us to attract the best and necessary in this digital world. And if we can maintain eye contact with the person, with which we have just dinner, it has a special value.”so Paul Dillinger, designer at Levi Strauss, the Developer Conference Google I/O in San Francisco.
“We achieve this by working a conductive threads in the fabric.” Edward Karagozler explains how of the smart jeans, his character project manager at Google. The small threads are connected with chips, which are the size of a button. The smart trousers and generally the material treated with the new technology can be as normal substances are treated, washed, and stretched.

More Application Examples In The Future

One of the biggest problems in the development of the jeans with integrated touch screen was not to destroy the communications chips, as well as the threads in the manufacture of the substances. In addition wanted researchers also smart jeans in various colors. During the presentation of the new substance, test subjects by wiping and pressing movements on the fabric could operate a computer or light switch. The interaction succeeds but also with Smartphones and other devices. By touches of the material, thus also the sending of short messages and calls, and the like are possible. Is a control surface in the jacket sleeve, for example, the user may diminish a call about it, without having to take the Smartphone in hand. The caller will be brought directly to the headset. The application spectrum is finally more diverse. Google can also well imagine, that the technology could be integrated into furniture with fabric or carpet.