With Block Heel Sandals

Who would have thought that after so many years of heel thick, block-shaped, as
It is also called, returned to the trends. The model appears strongly in sandals
summer 2013/2014. Here’s how to use them and in what gamble models to stay in fashion:
The sandals are the footwear used by women in the summer, because they let the feet
the shows, which is very useful in this season when temperatures are very high.
There are several models and styles of sandals, but a special feature has
done much success and promises to kick butt this season, are block heels.
The leap pad is thick and less delicate than the thin, but is also much more
comfortable and stable. The sandals with this jump are great for a variety of occasions, such
as work and tours. They go well with dresses and skirts, pants and shorts, as
Many brands are investing in this model, including, along with oura
trend, the transparent acrylic. The jumps in this format can merge materials
as wood and acrylic on one shoe, very modern and daring. In addition, the
leather coated jumps can also arise with metal applications, another strong
trend for this summer.
The classic this summer is the sandal with heel block, covered heel,
ankle strap and a single wide strap over the foot near the toes. This model
appears in keynotes, colorful, bicolor, with laser cutouts, metals and applications
much more.