Winterwesten (21)

Warm wrapped: find the right winter jacket

To the Drunterziehen or as an outer layer to the transitional period: A warm lined winter jacket is very versatile and can be combined also various ways in the layering system. There’s information on choosing the right winter vest.

Versatility of Winterwesten

Da Winterwesten consist of a very warm insulation material and usually a dense weave of the outer material are windproof, own them themselves as both a second layer and outer layer. Where a thick jacket often restricts the freedom of movement of shoulders and arms that fit a padded winter jacket under a hard – or soft shell jacket when the weather is cold and unstable. If it has still not below freezing outside, a winter vest as a warm layer and protection against cooling from wind over a sweater or fleece offers worn much movement with little weight. < br / > due to the small pack size, a winter jacket is very portable. Always in the backpack or bag, you can cover just if necessary. No matter whether it is cold on a cool summer evening in the lodge or saving on the stand: the perfect winter vest immediately ensures pleasant warmth.

Sizing and cutting at Winterwesten

To heat and breathability closest to fruition, a winter vest like other functional clothing piece should come relatively close to the body sit. < br / > women’s models are fitted for that cut. Some models are back longer cut, which is very convenient especially when riding a bike. So the winter vest in extremely cold weather as additional warm layer under a jacket can be worn, she should fit fairly closely. Only those who know that he wears the vest anyway prefer outside, should decide himself for a casual cut.

Material dilemma: down or synthetic fibre

As well as in the winter jackets, the Winterwesten due to the good relationship of weight to thermal power are either with a Dauenen or a synthetic fibre filling isolated. < br / > while down offers an unparalleled heat retention in minimal pack size and low weight, the advantage lies with the synthetic lining in the better weather resistance. For sporting activities and changing weather conditions (especially in the rain), synthetic fibre is preferable. For freezing temperatures and activities involving the change of stress and rest is very fast (stop-and-go: climbing and backing up, skiing and lift driving) down is advisable.

Features of Winterwesten

, Winterwesten featured sometimes some practical details, which pleasantly complete the stay outside in cool weather. In addition to wich lined handwarmer pockets some models with an adjustable collar hem against stormy weather. While some versions have thinner, elastic inserts under the arms (increase breathability), others have a hood. The former are rather than intermediate layer, the latter as able external thought.