Winter Shoes That Aren't Boots

Never again cold feet, warm winter shoes

Is out there slowly really icy, the days are getting shorter, the last sheet is long ago fell out of the tree: winter is here! Who wants to curl up in the cold season in the warm room and spend much time in the fresh air, knows to appreciate a quality pair of winter shoes. No matter whether fashionable winter boots for ladies or robust winter shoes for men, the right thing there is for everyone. So, cold feet have no chance. If the thermometer has reached its nadir, so it’s time for winter boots or winter boots.

What must my new pair of winter shoes can?

If’s out really frosty and uncomfortable, you need a shoe that meets the high demands. With good winter footwear is the freezing cold but no problem! Of course every shoe should be comfortable, but what is so special about a winter shoe?
Snow, rain, condensation: during the winter months, it is exposed to a shoe constant moisture. Good winter shoes in any case should, therefore, be waterproof. Finally, wet feet can ruin the whole winter hike. Some models are also breathable outer material, so the moisture of the sweaty feet as water vapor to escape, while the shoe from the outside remains waterproof.
Perhaps the most important property for winter shoes is the insulation from the cold. The feet should stay warm even with double digit minus grades. Winter friend as outdoor known much at very cold temperatures on the way, is therefore particularly high demands will be at the feeding of modern winter shoes. Cold feet are not only unpleasant, they also ensure that the mucous membranes of worse blood. This means free ride for viruses and bacteria. A warm lining made of fleece, cotton or synthetic fibre effectively protects the feet from cold and keeps them always toasty warm.
The soil conditions pose an increased injury risk in the cold months. Therefore, a firm sole for a winter boot is a must. If the ground is frozen, always safe and solid stand should be granted. Much like with winter tires for the car, the sole of winter shoes has a solid, deep profile, so attack the sole even on icy ground and snow-covered trails.