Winter Looks for You to Warm up with Style

Learn to combine fashion and elegance to create cozy combinations that enhance your silhouette in the cooler seasons of the year

Riding looks for the Brazilian winter is not an easy task, since our climate is quite tropical and divergent in various parts of the country.
There are regions where winter is quite strict, as in the south, where temperatures can reach 10 or 5 degrees, and even negative numbers at certain times, other places have a warm climate for most of the year, it is only 20 degrees.
All these types of climates are concentrated in our country and best of all is that brands already consider this climatic difference between regions, and are starting to produce parts for all of them.
So it does not matter if you live in the south, where it is often possible to witness snow, or in the northern region of Brazil, where winter days are rare, there will always be perfect looks for any occasion, just follow the tips we prepare to mount looks incredible and still beautiful even in the cold.

Looks That Are Classic Winter

In addition to the boots , the coats known as trench coat have already become the women’s darling for the season. According to the coordinator of the Postgraduate course in Communication and Fashion Production of Anhembi Morumbi University, Otávio Lima, pieces such as tweed, wool and gabardine never go out of style. The leather also gives a charm and glamor to the production, mainly for a nocturnal occasion. Already during the day, sweatshirts with embroidery and fun prints make all the difference when it comes to creating a funky and attitude-friendly look, as it is a comfortable material and has been used by designers for tailoring, explains Otavio.


The overcoat is already a key piece in the women’s wardrobe. Great for all occasions, including travel, as it provides comfort, protection and style in one piece. The legging is also super comfortable and has several combination options ranging from sports looks, if you choose to use with a sneaker, for example, to classic productions in heeled boots or sandals.

Dress+Thick Stocking+Coat+Boot

In warmer regions it is possible to enjoy the dresses even in the cold. Simply increase with a pair of pantyhose and a more closed shoe, such as short-legged boots. In addition to romantic and production is comfortable with an air of lightness, which is rare in winter looks, as they are usually composed of heavier fabrics.


For those who are more basic, good old jeans are the best companion. Usually they can fulfill the task of keeping you warm in the cold, just combine with delicate or fun sweaters and you will have a full production of style. The shoes are very welcome in this case, because usually combine with all kinds of denim washes.

Leather Trousers+Sweater+Sneaker

Another much-wanted item in the cold seasons is leather, or synthetic material similar to leather. The elegance of this material brings sobriety to the look and combines with almost everything: from bright colors to pastel shades, from boots to sneakers and even sneakers.


Another option for those who do not give up the romanticism in their pieces is the mixture of skirt with pantyhose. Coturno is an option for the most intense cold, but can also be used with sneakers, open sandals and even sneakers. Jackets, usually made of leather or with more delicate embroidery, give the special charm to the look.


Hilarious sweatshirts invaded the ladies’ wardrobes and apparently came to stay. This is one of the easiest pieces to combine: shorts with pantyhose, jeans, skirt, leggings and even dresses. Abuse of the sneakers, because it is a more stripped-down look.

Looks For Winter Night

It’s not because the cold has arrived that we have to stay locked in pajamas, sleepwear and covers, right? Given the common sense that people look prettier and tidier in the winter, it’s time to find out what’s in your closet and what’s left to buy for the cooler months of the year. Check out the suggested looks for the evening.

Skirt+T-Shirt+Jeans Jacket+Low Heel Boot

Loose skirts represent the air of lightness and romanticism, especially when used along with pastel pieces. As a simple look, the over the knee boot serves as the main winter item and ends production with style.

Skirt+Pencil+Blouse+Waistcoat+Jump Boot

Pencil skirt is one of the most sophisticated items you can have in your closet. Uniting the sophistication of your body trim, with different textures, such as the waistcoat, you can not go wrong in production, which is ideal for nightly events and that demand more charming looks.

Leather Trousers+Sweater+Scarpin

The leather itself already draws attention to any look, so choose for simpler pieces at the time of blending, such as this white sweater. The scarpin can be replaced by a short heel boot under the pants.

Dark Dress + Half Leg

Make rain or shine, dress and sandal are the perfect match for any occasion. On colder days, just add a pair of thick slacks and even a coat, in more extreme situations.

Leather Dress+Jacket+Black Scarpin

Perfect for exquisite occasions and that ask for a dress code higher. Besides being very warm, it will leave you sexy and glamorous even in the cold. Use the trench coate in case the night is too cold or just to get in and out of the party.

Long-Sleeved Paw Dress + Half-Paw

Another production especially created for party is with sequined dress. In the cold, opt for long sleeves and everything will be fine. The nude sandal can also be replaced by booties and even an over the knee , depending on the length of the dress.

Winter Accessories

Winter accessories may be the simplest to fit into the looks, as they are versatile pieces such as scarves and pashminas, which in addition to various neck positions can also be worn on the waist, on the arm, as a vest (if it is quite large) and even as a scarf in the hair, with several options of knots and moorings. Now hats, burdens, hats and gloves demand a more intense winter to be used, yet they give charm to any basic look.

Tips For Creating Hot Looks

According to Otavio, fun socks, embroidered coats, tight-fitting shoes and thick enough fabrics that will not bother you during use are some indispensable items in any woman’s wardrobe that loves to blend comfort and style. In addition, he indicated the best fabrics to always have warm looks.
Fabrics like tweed, wool and gabardini are hot and never go out of style;
Sweatshirts are also a comfortable option for day to day;
Avoid heavy parts and prefer layered compositions; when you heat up, you can decrease the amount;
Skinny pants with long T-shirt is a good and comfortable choice;
Boots without heels still has its glamor, enjoy to use in the day to day and not to tire so much.

Photos Of Looks To Inspire

Check out how bloggers style their outfits for colder days.