Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 The Riachuelo
Autumn has already started and, therefore, most brands of great importance nationally complete disclosure of their new collections for the cold season. The Riachuelo, which is among these brands, is a network of fast-fashion famous for bringing always great inspirations and accessible versions of the main current fashion trends. Check out all about the new collection for the autumn/winter of 2013:
This time, the inspiration of the mark comes at different times. First, the retro futurism, which takes up the years 60 and 80. The Ecofolk, which invests in pieces with ethnic and military references. Lastly, Orient Express, with reference in ancient artistic movements, especially the Baroque and Gothic.
The brand abuse of natural fabrics and synthetic velvet is also one of the highlights of the collection. Looks perfect for day to day arise with earth-toned shirts, jackets and pants on skinny models, flare and cropped. Among the colors that stand out on card, Burgundy, red, purple, gold, copper, silver, Navy and military green. Between washes of jeans, RESINED and metallic arise with strength.
Women’s pants are more cheerful this winter with mustard yellow color, Burgundy, caramel, Navy Blue, terra cota, among others. Combine with short-barreled boots and Wool Cardigan with scarves for the colder days and very informal occasions.