Which Way Follows an Update from Which The Free Google Until You Come to Your Mobile Phone?

The Android updates It is that element that many people worry every time. New versions of the operating system, security patches and minor updates to fix bugs… There are so many types of updates that would be almost impossible to cover them all.
Not all manufacturers offer the same updates, or at the same time, or in the same amount, as there are a number of factors to take into account. And is that since Google released an update until you reach the users there are many “red light” by which they must inevitably pass our long-awaited OTA.

Google releases the OTA bravo!

Google has spent months programming, developing, testing, correcting, returning to try and return to correct each new update with the aim that reaches users in the best possible way. It is a long and tedious process that ends with the happy release of the OTA holders of a Nexus or device Google Edition.
But not only they are gives them the update, but that Google cares for his friends manufacturers, that also happens the new version of the operating system or patch work on it. Those updates that are manufacturer-specific (update characteristics or any application of marking system) will be skipped this step, because it is not initiated by Google.

The manufacturer works update and release it at some point in the century

There are manufacturers who have pure Android, without customizing any further than an own application. In cases like these, they just adapt applications to the new version, ensure that there are no conflicts and they release the update almost immediately After Google.
Those that do have a layer of personalization (most in reality) have a rather generous work ahead. The first part is to decide which terminals will be updated, as neither joke updated 100% of its range, or even all that has emerged during the year.
Following this hard decision, they have ahead long development, testing and bug fixes until enough are well like to be released. To expedite the process, some decide to launch public beta, using reports from users and launch an even more stable and faster version.
This process It can take from a few weeks to months, Depending on each manufacturer. Once finished, it’s time to release the OTA to your customers. But this is not over yet, as not everyone has a free mobile, right? For those who have a mobile operator have an additional obstacle.

Operators are taking their time to adjust the update with your bloatware

Some carriers sell smartphones already free, but in many cases sell it so you can only use it with the SIM of the company itself. Unfortunately, it is not the only thing that you have to endure, to receive an update you get to wait for policymakers decide to put hands to work.
This work can take them very soon, so that they would liberate the update almost at the same time as the manufacturer of the telephone, up to months because you see that they have not optimized their bloatware and personalization to release. There are cases in which directly pass release update claiming any problem, by the nonsense that is.
If during the wait have not left you cobwebs and haven’t changed Mobile, you will receive the gift of the update go you know few months once Google Google Edition release for the Nexus and devices.

Bonus: A Council, which I feel generous

The time has come in which Google has released the OTA to their devices and the manufacturer of yours also has announced his release, that glorious moment in which euphoria takes over ti. Days pass and you fail, you begin to despair, you fear that you have been outed.
A somewhat common mistake of people waiting their turn is the reset to factory data your device, and this is something you should not do under any circumstances. It is very simple, when a manufacturer releases the update, does everyone at the same time, but it goes “by turns”.
If you restableces your phone to factory settings, you lose that turn, so you’d come back at the end of the queue again. It is as if when you’re about to buy tickets for a concert, you abandon the queue to go to the bathroom, you lose your turn and you get back at the end. With the updates, it comes to be the same.
Never reset to factory settings data when a manufacturer has released the update and have not received. Best hopes to have it downloaded and installed, and then already you can make restoring quietly if you want, because you will not lose the newly installed actalizacion.
This article has been focused to those who do not yet have extensive knowledge about how this updates on Android and to those who already know it but needed that I will refresh them face memory to advise others. We hope that this will serve to anyone who is willing to learn something new.


Early kilometers.

Early kilometers.

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