Which Smartphone Has the Best Battery? Check the Test

The staff of Which website? Tested the batteries of the most used high-end smartphones.  The result is not surprising, and was similar to the test made a few months ago by the Android PIT : Galaxy S4 was the victor in the categories of time of call and Internet use , while the iPhone 5 is the device that recharges faster. See the other results.
I found Which test method? Very rigorous: they used the same signal for the connections, the same screen brightness intensity(not the maximum brightness, so as not to penalize the cell phones with lighter displays) and the same page for the navigation test. In addition, all devices have been fully charged and fully discharged before the test.
With its powerful 2,600 mAh battery, the Galaxy S4 supported 1051 minutes of continuous connection and 405 minutes of internet browsing. The Nokia Lumia 920 , with only 444 minutes of connection and 235 minutes of navigation, disappointed him in both tests .
The battle for second place was a bit more fierce. The Sony Xperia Z was the device that offered more connection minutes(985) after the S4. On the navigation, however, the Xperia Z drops to fourth place, reversing positions with the HTC One(the second in navigation and fourth in continuous call).
Are you satisfied with your phone’s battery? Share your adventures(and misadventures) with us in the comments.